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Scottish Cup: Hibs v Raith Rovers, Sat 9 Feb, KO 3.00pm
Normally I would say this is a decent cup tie v lower league opposition and hopefully quite a few of Hibs best youth players could be given a start to gain the experience and play well! However, the "alarm bells are ringing" and I think there is a serious threat to Hibs progress in this tourney if they don't "brighten up their ideas"!!! One can only hope that the players "raise their game" as they seem to do in bigger matches. But is this one regarded by them as a "big match"!? It's a cup tie and lets try to win it v opponents who we are well capable of beating and doing it very well but one of our probs is a misfiring strike force that continues to "misfire"!!!
If I could contact Eddie May, I'd strongly advise him to just keep a close eye on Rovers' forward Vaughan who will be their main scoring threat. Ensure that certain Hibs players are aware of this threat and deal with it tactically!! Otherwise focus on how to beat this team with our best attacking side that is balanced in the mid area to thwart any forward threat by them. We definitely have the players to do it but they must perform. C'mon Hibs!

Its a massive game for us now. May looks like he'd rather be elsewhere, and he really needs to be up for this too.
A potentially huge banana skin for us and the visitors will be really fired up for it. We must make sure we are too and do the basic things well with a touch of invention and clinical application.

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Cabbage is still good for you
Johnson given a 2 match ban by the SFA for that tackle on Izaguirre! I thought he slipped coming into that tackle but there you go! Meanwhile Broony and Simunovic get off "Scot free" for a couple of pretty nasty challenges on Stevie Mallan and Ollie Shaw respectively!?
At the game i thought brown just collided with Milligan and there was no intent. simunovic on the other hand absolutely got away with one.
A comfortable 3-1 win that really should've been 5-0 or 6-0 TBH! It wasn't brilliant but they did what needed to be done. However, we've been annoyingly hit by two more injuries to add to the list and two of our best performers - Horgan, played well and injured; Milligan, played a solid game today and also injured - screeeaaaammmm!!!! Back to the match content and Kamberi is still a concern - puts in a lotta work but the art of striking has deserted him!! At 3-0 he received a great "through pass" on the Raith goal, left-sided - just shoot and score "on the run" - wants to take a touch and loses the opp to score FFS!!!
The thing about a Kamberi type player who is struggling with his game but seems to be working hard is that once they find their scoring touch again they go on and score loads. Fingers crossed the same will happen to Kamberi and we'll all wonder what the fuss was about.
Fairly straightforward win, we are still playing too much like a bunch of individuals at the moment though.

Looks like we will have a new manager in place for the accies game, and its most likely to be Appleton. Now there's a guy who knows a thing or two about difficult situations 'off the park'. He certainly won't be 'stepping on anyones toes' like Neil Lennon did.

Hopefully he will prove to be a good appointment.
Sorry hibeejim21 I can`t see Appleton being any different from any of the last 10, excluding the last 2.
He has not impressed in his last 4 positions,although they were in difficult circumstances, so I can`t see any cause for optimism should we appoint him.
Our last two managers guided the team through our most successful times recently. Lennon the Championship trophy and Stubbs the Scottish Cup.
Neil Lennon was manager for 123 games - winning 59 a 48% win rate.
Alan Stubbs was manager for 100 games - winning 58 a 58% win rate. which is the best in the last 50 years.
Stubbs has stated he is open to a return to Easter Road but we have even failed to acknowledge that and interview him. To me that is a distinct lack of ambition on behalf of the board by taking a relatively unproven manager over our most successful one ever (if you take the Scottish Cup into account) another cheap option by Rod and his cronies that will come back and haunt the club
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