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England's tour of the West Indies 2019
So how do we solve a problem like england?

For me we have to show some balls both on the field and off.

We have too many bit part players and too many white ball specialists and it just doesnt work, its plain to see. We need to cut down on the allrounders both bowling ones and wicket keepers, we dont need three keepers, I'd say pick one, maybe two.

We have too many allrounders and it unbalances the side, stokes bairstow and ali are all batting too high. We need to get specialists in the side. Stokes should be six, bairstow seven, ali eight with the bowlers at nine, ten and eleven. We need a specialist batter at five.

I feel burns has to stay, he's the most prolific opener in the english game and we have to put an actual opener with him. I said earlier that there is no shame in going back to someone already tried, sam robson has the highest average in test cricket of those left, not including hameed as he's hardly played. We need someone like hameed to turn his back on white ball cricket and focus on being a proper red ball player, either him or some other player but there isnt many going atm. So its a big year for hameed.

In regards to the rest of the line up root has to grow some balls and bat three, swallow his ego. I like buttler I do, but he has to pick what sort of player he wants to be. I think he's the most naturally gifted player we have and I think aesthetically its between bell and vince but bell is probably past it, so maybe vince can have another go as there is a player in there if he gets past the stupid methods of getting out. Unless theres someone else out there I know england want jason roy in and have their eyes on liam livingstone and joe clarke for two. Maybe denly would be better suited to the middle order as an out and out batter.

The other place england have to grow balls is deciding if moeen is a test spinner. If not leach gets in and number eight can be the one bowler who bats, maybe one with pace like archer.
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Really can't think of a lot of good test players in the circuit. Just Vince won't do. It's this white ball cricket that;s ruining the test cricket.
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We're actually in danger of making 300 Confused
and complicated
Finally, some grit, fight, and no balls.

Scratchy but glad to see Stokes getting some runs.
Least it should be the last we see of the walking wicket jennings. Although with our set up and mates rates selections, I'd probably say he's a shoe in for the ashes
West Indies one bowler doswn seem to be on the way to chasing at least 500, fill your boots time expect a Root century, as pe Jennings unlucky today but that is the game for you
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

@themaclad  twitter account
Root century
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

@themaclad  twitter account
Just looked at the score. Where did that come from? Windies 450 behind with only 6 wickets left. Tongue
England get the win in 4 days by 232 runs. Too little too late for this series but much better from England.

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