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Scotland v Israel - still a "last chance saloon" for Ecky!?
Well this is a massive game tomorrow night v opposition who Scotland can definitely beat at Hampden Park! But will we do it? It looks like there will be a massive turn out by Scottish fans for a final group game that is a "cup final" esp after years of getting zilch from so many Euro and FIFA international quali tourneys. I was gonna say, "Lets play the same group of players who have suddenly lifted morale and momentum in a team that McLeish was IMO 'forced to change' due to injury call offs". However, there appears to be some new injuries that Ecky is not disclosing!! I'm just wondering how crucial this latest spate of injuries will be to our chances v an Israeli international team that will not be there to "make up the numbers" on the pitch! They have something to play for! But so do we and we must "go for it" and play with no fear - grab the chance at home in front of a huge, partisan Scottish crowd. Can Ecky "choose wisely" but, more importantly, can he motivate and press these players for a top performance and win this crucial match? We shall see if "interest" can be maintained or we end up "in a footie mire" again and reflecting on "what might have been"!
Cup final for us. Ecky says the players "are very confident".... so here's hoping it comes together on the night. Same team as v Albania for me!

The boy dabour is definitely the danger man for Israel.
FT 3-2 and the same Scotland team delivers a winning result with in form James Forrest scoring again but this time he has "banged in" a "hat trick" of goals! Great stuff! Thumb up The last Scotland player to score a consecutive 2 and 3 goal "haul" was Denis Law in 1963 and the last Celtic player to score such a Scotland "hat trick" was Jimmy Quinn in 1908. The only disappointment was losing that 2nd Israeli goal when we were "coasting" at 3-1 and looking to add a 4th goal in a decent performance when the guys kept cool after losing an early "wonder goal" by Kayal. Still, job done and we have a Euro play off spot available if we need it! However, we now go in to pot 3 in the upcoming full Euro quali draw and that should give us an easier quali group to compete in later on. Time for a rest and Ecky can concentrate on assessing other poss Scottish players who can slot in to his preferred team set up and evolve a better young Scotland team/squad for future challenges.
Great result!!! We have been transformed by playing forrest and fraser as proper wingers cutting inside and fletcher doing a good job 'leading the line' . Who'd a thunk it? Forrest in particular looks to have finally become an international player, all his goals were well taken.

I still think defensively we looked suspect, and eck's substitutions were baffling. But job done and hopefully lessons learned now in terms of personnel who can 'do the business'.
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