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2018 European Curling Championships
Scotland's Men finished on a real high by winning the Gold Medal, beating Sweden 9-5 with 3 shots in the last end. Niklas Edin's Swedish rink had won the previous 4 Championships, but that counted for nothing, because when Scotland put the pressure on, they didn't respond as expected. Well done Scotland for sticking to their task and producing the goods.

The Swedish Women gained some consolation by beating Switzerland 5-4 in their Gold Medal match after Switzerland missed a double take-out to leave Sweden with a simple draw shot for the game.

A Division

GOLD - Scotland
SILVER - Sweden
BRONZE - Italy
GOLD - Sweden
SILVER - Switzerland
BRONZE - Germany
Scotland finished in 6th place

B Division

GOLD - Denmark
SILVER - England
BRONZE - Czech Republic
Wales finished 13th
GOLD - Norway
SILVER - Estonia
BRONZE - Turkey
England finished 6th
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[Image: 4t2h54.jpg]
SCOTLAND - Bruce Mouat, Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie, Hammy Macmillan and alternate Ross Whyte

[Image: 2uf3v5e.jpg]
ENGLAND - Coach/alternate Gary Tapp, Tom Jaeggi, Jamie Malton, Michael Opel and birthday boy Andrew Reed (from my local ice rink)
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