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2018 European Curling Championships
Here we are again with a monster playing schedule from 16 to 24 November in Tallinn, Estonia. There are a total of 20 Women’s and 26 Men’s teams taking part in both the A and B Championships.

The 10 A-Division Women’s teams are Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland, with a further 10 Women’s teams - England, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey in the B Division.
Scotland are the defending champions and are again skipped by Eve Muirhead, with a new combination of Jennifer Dodds, Victoria Chalmers and Lauren Gray. England are represented by skip Lisa Farnell, Sara Jahodova, Victoria Kyle and Niamh Fenton, who all played last year, finishing in an excellent 5th place.

The 10 A-Division Men’s teams are Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. The 16 B-Division Men’s teams are Group A - Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Latvia, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey and Group B - Austria, Belarus, Denmark, England, Israel, Lithuania, Slovenia and Wales.
Scotland's team is Bruce Mouat (Skip), Grant Hardie, Bobby Lammie and Hammy McMillan, while Andrew Reed (Skip), Michael Opel, Jamie Malton and Tom Jaeggi are playing for England and Adrian Meikle (Skip), Rhys Phillips, Gary Coombs and Simon Pougher will represent Wales.

More information to come over the next couple of days.
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The round robin games will finish on Thursday 22 November. The men’s semi-finals will take place in the evening of Thursday 22 November, while the women’s semi-finals will be on the afternoon of Friday 23 November. The bronze medals will be contested on Friday 23 November in the evening, and the finals will be staged on Saturday 24 November.

Not only are Sweden the defending Mens' champions, they have won the last 4 Championships with Niklas Edin as skip. Edin has won the event as skip a total of 6 times (one more than Scotland's Hammy McMillan, whose son is in this year's Scottish team) and the Swedish third player, Oskar Eriksson, has featured in the same 6 successes. For the Women, Eve Muirhead has won this event twice before.

A Division Games on Saturday
Women - Denmark v Scotland.
Men - Scotland v Norway, Scotland v Germany.

A Division Games on Sunday
Women - Scotland v Sweden, Scotland v Czech Republic.
Men - Russia v Scotland.

B Division Games on Saturday
Women - Estonia v England.
Men - Slovenia v Wales, Austria v England, Denmark v Wales.

B Division Games on Sunday
Women - Poland v England, England v Turkey.
Men - England v Lithuania, England v Wales.
Cabbage is still good for you

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