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Albania v Scotland - "last chance saloon for Ecky"?
As this 1st NL fixture of two looms ever closer I think the question now arises that if Ecky cannot motivate this Scotland team to "raise their game" in Albania then is it a case of "binning him" asap as the "do minimum" was ultimately to top this group B and move on to a play off spot. If he cannot achieve that v teams that Scotland has the players/player squad to defeat the likes of Albania or Israel, surely it's already time for him to move on and forget any "old pals act". Even a draw would do me but the pre-requisite must be the Scotland team performing and playing well to earn that result and then move on to a "cup final" v Israel in the final group match at Hampden Park.
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We should be winning both these games really. If we don't get a play off spot then he really needs to stand down, that would constitute going backwards from the Strachan era.

I really don't think he's up to the job and we should have gone for a younger or foreign coach but I honestly think its a case of "old pals" calling in favours and "one last payday".
9 x player injury "call offs"!? This must be an all time record and I'm curious to observe how many of those players line up for their footie clubs! It won't surprise me if Scotland get "#### all" out tonight's game TBH!
FT and a resounding 0-4 win for Scotland that certainly surprised me but I'll take it! Some good performances v a poor Albanian side but also a team that gave us an advantage of an extra player due to a 1st half red card to the Albanian captain! James Forrest again in fine form with a a notable "brace" of goals, Paterson solid in midfield and Fraser in fine form on Scotland's left flank with a cracking 1st goal! Christie also very good on the night! All to play for v Israel on Tuesday night at Hampden Pk!
Albania were shite,and played most of the game with i'm not going to get carried away... But xxxx it a wins a win and all that, we played well and created a lot of chances.

Our wide players tore them apart and christie and paterson both did very well. On to tuesday night and hopefully a win against israel.
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