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Celtic v RB Leipzig
Well "crunch time" is looming ever closer and this is a chance for Celtic to "take the bull by the horns" (pardon the pun!) and impose themselves on this group and have a "sniff" at qualifying for the next stage. This is a decent Bundesligue side but I still think the Hoops could win it on the night if they "show up". From a domestic perspective, I think many Celtic fans would rather see the Hoops eliminated and just "push on" with their fine domestic form. However, that is not how it works for big footie clubs like Celtic.
FT and 2-1 for Celtic on a momentous night when the Hoops played some of their best footie of the season although poss "rode their luck" in the final quarter of the match. Some big performances by Edouard, Forrest and Tierney but definitely a good team performance. Two group matches to complete and they have a "wee sniff" of qualifying - IMO "touch n go" TBH and GD could well decide it!
Great result for Celtic and it leaves both them and RB Leipzig playing the other two teams in the group to see who will take that 2nd spot. The thing that may swing it for Celtic is that they have to travel the Rosenberg and get Saltzburg at home, whereas Leipzig have to travel to Austria and get a result.

Also to add to this thread as its the only one to say it on, Rangers played a game of goalie wag tonight and almost got themselves a win. In the end a deserved win by all accounts for Spartak but as the other game ended in a draw it means that all 4 teams in this group still have a chance to progress. Would be great to get 2 Scottish teams in the knockout stages with the two English teams that qualified tonight.
Thing is celtic could win both their remaining games and still go out! I think its a big ask for them to qualify,especially when you see the 'connection' between Salzburg and Leipzig. I don't think they should have been allowed to be in the same group.

The most pleasing thing from last nights game was just how well Celtics Scottish players played. For all red bulls wealth Tierney,christie and McGregor were the best players on the pitch.

As for the huns, spartak were awful last night yet they could have scored 7 or 8 goals. They are lucky though that rapid Vienna are in crisis and villareal have already shown they aren't "that fussed" about the tournament and are playing their fringe players.

Gerrard is also continually slating his players now after games. That's going to bite him on the arse eventually.
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Very good comments re the "real facts" surrounding Rangers group and the fact they are clearly not that good, indeed defensively awful when pressed by any decent, hi press side. Re Celtic's group, yes, I'm also intrigued by that "Red Bull connection" and how significant it will be in deciding who progresses from that group. That final game v RB Salzburg could well be Celtic's "cup final" v opponents who are in top form and are better than the Hoops. However, Celtic can beat any top team at home on such "big nights"! I suspect that both RB owned teams will progress but wait n see!
"indeed defensively awful"

I don't rate any of their defenders at all, that boy goldson is absolutely rotten and has cost them numerous goals already. Worrall and him didn't get games for forest or brighton for a good reason.

One week their forwards are getting it in the neck from gerrard for not converting or creating chances, the next week it’s the defence for leaking goals. Its never anything to do with his tactics or line ups.

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