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Israel v Scotland - a good time to take control of the NL group!
Well this will be a good fixture for McLeish to gauge how far Scotland have progressed under his tenure. However, Leigh Griffiths deciding to withdraw for fitness reasons and Ryan Fraser also "pulling out" due to injury. IMO Scotland should win this match but it will be a tricky away encounter that could easily result in a defeat. Here's hoping that doesn't happen on Thursday night.
Israel 2 Scotland 1 and Scotland doing what they are good at and losing a match that they were expected to do well in. I must say they were 2nd best and IMO deserved nothing. John McGinn or Alan McGregor our best performers on the night but Israel's win should've been more emphatic. We invited Israel to attack us and they took up the invitation although Soutar's second yellow card was harsh. It's a setback but Scotland still top of their group on GD! Must do better if they are gonna progress.
That was one of our worst performances in years, and thats some achievement Laugh

Mcleish was diabolical. He got the shape of the team badly wrong AGAIN. Play tierney at LB and robertson in front of him or even at RB or just leave him on the bench. He isn't a CB. O'donnell and souttar looked out their depth, Mcdonald another in a long line of mediocre players who are playing in the EPL.

The SFA have landed us in it appointing eck, he is yesterdays man. They fucked up not getting the NI coach, and they probably should have gone for lennon.... luckily for hibs the blazers stuck with the old pals act, not so lucky for scotland.
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Aye! I do remember my "concern" re the SFA opting for Ecky. That concern has been confirmed after watching that poor display v a team whose home form has been dire.
Forget the red card, we were utter mince before that. Tactically sterile, ponderous and clueless, we shipped chance after chance to a deeply average side.

Mcleish dug the SFA out of a hole as they had no one else available, and his reward is help in his EBT battle with the taxman. Thats it 100%. These clowns only care about sevco and their next free junket.

But for McGregor, and the woodwork, that could have been six or seven. Mcleish is actually taking us backwards.
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Good job MacGregor had a blinder
Have you heard about the news on Mizar 5
People got to shout to stay alive

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Israel aren't such a poor side, they have a decent league and decent players, home advantage and only a matter of time before they took a win against a bigger side, sadly it was "Yesterdays man" McLeish and his all over the place 3-5-2 formation, yes the same he taught Antonio Conte(!)

Kenny Dalglish and Steve Nicol, dual management would be interesting

It needs working at from grassroots with ex players giving back to the game rather than quaffing pints on the after dinner circuit and doing TV punditry
Players moving from the Scots leagues under a certain age shouldn't be allowed to go for pennies there needs also to be an incentive for the player not to run off because a League one side has offered 3k a week-Perhaps appearances in the league go towards pension?

Looking at the semi professional Scots clubs who do Bingo evenings, whiskey tasting and all sorts it`s nearer to the community and I dont see the bigger SPL clubs taking so much effort, closer community means more people through the turnstiles

Scotland do have the players to do much, much better-Sweden work as an efficient unit every player knows his job, just look at the passion in Iceland`s play

More Scotsman in manager roles and I dont mean David Moyes, Alex Neil sadly hasn't built on PNE`s last few years progression, Jack Ross has had a good start at Sunderland but its early doors, Steve Evans hell no! David Hopkin, bit early to tell
The last team team israel beat at home was lichtenstein, they are absolutely a team we should be getting a result from.

More worrying than that was mcleish not seeming to realise that McKenna was already on the pitch when he was talking about subbing him for souttar before the red.
Got to stick up for McLeish,slightly, he was put in a difficult position with Griffiths withdrawing so close to the game. That may have upset some of his game plan but does not explain our poor performance.
The realisation is starting to sink in that players now put loyalty to their clubs far in front of that to their country. Craig Brown kept threatening to invoke the 7 day rule BUT never did. and that gave the clubs total power over the international team. Changing managers will not help until the SFA/SPFL can change the thinking of the clubs.
Yeah wattie, but mcleish had made it clear from the last games that he was playing naismith instead.

"taking a huge gamble with his Scotland career" was what he said afterwards, well sparky probably knows if anyone has room to talk about bailing out on the national team and returning later its eck mcleish.

As you can probably tell i'm not hugely impressed with mcleish's appointment and what he's done so far.
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