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2018 World Mixed Curling Championships
I've been curling now for a couple of weeks, so it's only right that the World Championship season gets under way too. The first major competition starts in Kelowna, British Columba, Canada on Saturday 13 October, culminating in the Medal Games a week later. The first ranked team in each pool will receive an automatic place in the quarter-finals – to be played at 20.00 on Friday 19 October. The second and third place teams in each pool will be placed into the qualification round prior to the quarter-finals.

The four Home Nations are all represented, with Scotland being the defending champions, albeit with a different line-up.
As an aside, this is NOT Nessie, the Scottish Mascot - it is Ogopogo, the local lake monster bearing a striking resemblance to the real Loch Ness monster. Too many whiskies from the Scottish immigrant population, if you ask me.  Whistle
[Image: 33kbz9c.jpg]

The Home Nation Teams
England - Greg Dunn (Skip), Lorna Rettig (Third), Jonathan Braden, (Second) and Sydney Boyd (Lead)
Ireland - James Russell (Skip), Ailsa Anderson (Third), Arran Cameron (Second) and Katie Kerr (Lead)
Scotland - Robin Brydone (Skip), Rebecca Morrison (Third), Ross Whyte (Second) and Leeanne McKenzie (Lead)
Wales - Adrian Meikle (Skip), Dawn Watson (Third), Andrew Tanner (Second) and Laura Beever (Lead)

There are 35 competing nations and Group A includes England, Scotland and Wales with Group B featuring Ireland.

The Group A games on Saturday have Wales opening their account against Germany and then Turkey, with Scotland taking on Belarus and England playing Hong Kong. On Sunday England play Italy and Belarus, Scotland play Hong Kong and Wales play Kazakhstan.

In Group B, Ireland take on Australia on Saturday and Switzerland on Sunday.

As you will all know by now, it's far too early to have any team photos up on the WCF website, so I've "borrowed" the Scottish team photo from their own FB page.
[Image: 2m6sakp.jpg]
Robin Brydone, Rebecca Morrison, Ross Whyte and Leeanne McKenzie
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Cabbage is still good for you
Yaaaay! Winter again. Whistle It's 20 degrees here in sunny Wakefield. Rolleyes
22 degrees oop north. Gardening all day today, even had to get the Factor 15 out!
Cabbage is still good for you
Winter?? What's winter?? I've forgotten that since I moved West 4 years ago!!
Scotland started with a 10-3 win over Belarus and continued with a 7-2 win over Hong Kong today. Tomorrow is local derby day with England and Wales their opponents.

England lost 3-7 to Hong Kong on Saturday, but found their form in a 10-4 win over Italy, including a score of 5 shots in the 4th end. They are due to start their game against Belarus at midnight tonight (BST), probably at 16.00 in the sunshine for SCO.  Cool

Wales have already been beaten by Germany by 4-6 and Turkey by 4-7 on Saturday, but recovered to beat Kazakhstan 11-6 this morning.

Ireland lost 5-6 to Australia in the last end in their first game and 7-8 to Switzerland after an extra end in the next, so near and yet so far. Something has to give tomorrow, with games against Brazil and then Netherlands, both of whom are also looking for their first win.

Still no team photos yet, but I've somehow managed to take screenshots of Wales from Saturday. I'll try to feature the rest of the home nations, but any success will be in the laps of the gods!
[Image: 34otw9h.png]
Adrian Meikle
[Image: rifbs0.png]
Andrew Tanner and Laura Beever
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Unfortunately for England, they managed to start their game against Belarus with 1 shot in the first end, but suddenly stopped eventually losing 3-11. Their habit of losing 3s and 4s continued into this lunchtime's game against Scotland and again lost 3-11.

Scotland now await Wales in the evening game today and play Italy and Kazakhstan tomorrow. Wales' games tomorrow are against Hong Kong and Italy. England play Germany and now have to keep winning to have any chance of progressing.

Despite being 3-6 down to Brazil after 5 ends, Ireland came storming back to win 10-6 and will play Netherlands tonight. Russia and USA are their opponents tomorrow.

Proper team photos up today!!!
[Image: 14489k9.jpg]
WALES - Laura Beever, Andrew Tanner, Dawn Watson and Adrian Meikle
[Image: 2cwsgts.jpg]
IRELAND - Katie Kerr, Arran Cameron, Ailsa Anderson and James Russell
[Image: 105un92.jpg]
ENGLAND - Sydney Boyd, Jonathan Braden, Lorna Rettig and Greg Dunn
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Cabbage is still good for you

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