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Water Carrier
Bryan Robson, Jimmy Case, David Batty, Paul Ince, Nicky Butt, Paul Davis , Peter Reid ,even Carlton Palmer!

Where has the great English midfielder gone? The guy who would go 110% into a tackle, the guy who could win the ball, intimidate the opposition and help rally a side
I truly hope that lots of English lads brought of on Keane, Makelele, Vieira and even Kante are inspired to do the same job rather than try and be the next Messi/Ronaldo

if the best this country has is Eric Dier and Jordan Henderson then it`s a huge worry, I like Jack Cork but again he`s not a patch on the top line
Sadly most of the defensive midfielders, workhorse midfielders or box to box in the EPL are foreign with dare I say most being African heritage

in a "What if " situation this country had a player of Robson or Keane`s ability at the last WC, it would have made such a difference
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