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Scotland squad for Belgium/Albania
Delighted with the win.

o'donnell and callum mcgregor played well for me and naismith was a good threat up front. Albania weren't very good but still fashioned a couple of decent chances.

Mcginn and soutter did ok but put us in trouble a couple of times with slackness on the ball.

Onwards. Away to israel next.
Yep! Delighted with the result but not fooled by it as Albania were pretty poor- the weaknesses in certain areas of this Scotland team are self-evident and I'll be very surprised if we win against Israel. IMO crisis time would've arrived for Ecky if we'd not won this game! At least it will have "lifted spirits" a wee bit and it provides some optimism plus Ecky must keep giving games/caps to the young lads and let them accumulate the international experience.
One last point to make is re the poor attendance - 17k at Hampden Park!!!???? It shows you how much optimism there currently is in Scotland ranks and also SFA policy at it's worst in playing such a competitive match at Hampden rather than moving it to a smaller stadium that is not an "echo chamber"!
Yeah mate, those CBs are going to cost us up against anyone half decent.
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