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World Cup final: France 4 Croatia 2
In a match that had some debatable incidents, France eventually 'pulled through' against a spirited but unlucky Croatia team (what a "strike" by Perisic!). So the trophy is "coming home" to the country of the creator of the World Cup tourney, Jules Rimet. Re the match? Lotsa goals, some controversy, a "clanger" of a goalie error, a og (the only one ever scored in a World Cup final) and good, all round entertainment! That's another World Cup tourney "done n dusted" for another 4 years - correction: 4.5 years as Quatar 2022 is programmed to start in November. Also well done Russia and President Putin for organising and presenting such a successful and entertaining WC tourney for many a long year!
That was the best World Cup I think I've ever seen. Best since 1990 for me. Some brilliant games, fantastic goals, loads of shocks, and only one 0-0 draw.
Great final as well. Thought Croatia were very unlucky....never a penalty imo. If M'bappe had been on Croatia's team the result could well have been reversed.
Never thought I would say this, but well done to Russia for a brilliant World Cup.
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It was an excellent World Cup in superb stadiums. It was a good final ......... but it wasn't even the best 4-2 WC Final I've seen.

I think something needed to be done about the old back-pass rule to speed play up BUT .......... when you see an idiot goal like that conceded by Lloris, well imagine if the score had ended 0-1 and he had to live with that for the rest of his life!

I didn't think the og free kick was a free kick. The penalty certainly shouldn't have been as the movement of Perisic's arm was clearly involuntary. He didn't see the ball properly until it was two yards from him. If his hands react that fast, despite his brilliant goal, I'd be recommending taking up the gloves full-time.

Was Subasic injured throughout? Lloris's error will prevent anyone questioning his (Subasic's) dire performance. He was flat-footed and slow throughout the game. Though you can never be blamed for an own goal of that kind, plenty of keepers prevent them, but Subasic's boots looked to be deep in treacle. Hyped as an ace penalty saver he then virtually did Griezmann's job for him. His foot movement and reading of the play on Pogba's goal looked Sunday League and Mbappe fooled him completely. I don't think Subasic is as poor a keeper as he looked here - either the occasion overcame him, or he was carrying an injury. Whaddya think?

Individually Croatia's defenders look well-decent to me, but as a collective they've looked unusually dodgy throughout the tournament. What do you think? Personally I thought they should have fielded Kovacic in front of the back four, but that alone wouldn't have solved their problem on dead balls for a start.

I thought Perisic was brilliant in the first half, perhaps had THAT not been deemed a penalty he'd have dominated the second half too. Varane and Umtiti held France together for long periods and Griezmann had his best game of the tournament, which was enough to get France into a second half in which Mbappe shone ever brighter.
Subasic had apparently suffered cramp on his right leg in the semi-final v England. I thought he had a hamstring injury based on the way he reacted to the injury and I was surprised that he played in the final.
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