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Julen Lopetegui
Fernando Hierro has resigned as Spain Head Coach and will not be returning back to his previous job as Sporting Director.

He’ll probably be back in work with a La Liga team by the end of 2018.
Hierro was always a bit of a hero figure on the field, who never was shorts of guts. It certainly took real guts to step up for the Spanish FA on this occasion - he must have known he was on a hiding to nothing.

I hope he does find success in La Liga eventually.
Wonderful as a player, I agree Devongone, I dont know anyone else who could've stood it at such short notice in a badly handled affair

Luis Enrique now the main man but I think Spain are lacking something, I dont know if the draw against Portugal hit them mentally or the golden generation is now over, will it be a return of the ultra talented players who bottle it on the big stage again?
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