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Snooty's game - Group 3 Results
Still very close in this group. Still a three horse race in which SCO leads by a head from Devon and Cas.
Quick one - the penalty missed by Croatia wasn't in normal time...
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(02-07-2018, 10:15)Terrier1987cas Wrote: Quick one - the penalty missed by Croatia wasn't in normal time...

You're right. You still have a live badger. Thumb up
Oh crikey! Has Dev blown it with a bad Brazilian prediction?
It's incredibly tight and it could come down to the England/Colombia result, with Dev choosing Colombia, whereas SCO and Cas have favoured England.
And Cas's successful badger appeal. He'll be hoping for no more penalties tomorrow for what could be a crucial random badger.
Jesus this is exciting! What’s the table heading into the crucial last day?
SCO 85
Dev 81
Car 81
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Looks like it's going to all come down to the England game and maybe the actual scorers in that game!!!
Sweden get a last minute penalty over turned by VAR. Doesn't matter in the match or the group tables as all three had a Swiss win. But it does miraculously still keep Cas's badger alive. Thumb up Wink Badger
That's Cas's badger gone.
And 2 points for me with Kane scoring!!
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