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Snooty's World Cup Prediction League Cup Matchday 4
Saturday 30th June:
France 2-1 Argentina (15:00) Badger Messi gets booked
Uruguay 2-1 Portugal (19:00)

Sunday 1st July:
Spain 1-2 Russia (15:00)
Croatia 1-2 Denmark (19:00)  Laugh

Monday 2nd July:
Brazil 2-1 Mexico (15:00)
Belgium 2-1 Japan (19:00)

Tuesday 3rd July:
Sweden 2-1 Switzerland (15:00)
Colombia 1-2 England (19:00)
England scorers: Kane, Rashford
Colombia scorers: Falcao
Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball.
I have edited in Columbian goal scorer Snoots.
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Saturday 30th June:
France v Argentina (15:00) 2-1
Uruguay v Portugal (19:00) 2-1

Sunday 1st July:
Spain v Russia (15:00) 1-1
Croatia v Denmark (19:00) 2-1

Monday 2nd July:
Brazil v Mexico (15:00) 2-1
Belgium v Japan (19:00)2-0 ?

Tuesday 3rd July:
Sweden v Switzerland (15:00) 1-1
Colombia v England (19:00) 1-2
England scorers: kane Alli
Colombia scorers: Falcao
Badger Hazard to score for Belgium
Saturday 30th June:
France 1-2 Argentina (but 6-0 to France would not shock me!)
Uruguay 2-0 Portugal

Sunday 1st July:
Spain 2-0 Russia
Croatia 1-0 Denmark (Croatia finish game with ten players - Badger)

Monday 2nd July:
Brazil 1-1 Mexico (Brazil go through in shoot-out)
Belgium 3-0 Japan Big Grin

Tuesday 3rd July:
Sweden 0-1 Switzerland
Colombia 2-1 England
England scorers: Henderson
Colombia scorers: Muriel and Davinson Sanchez

Sat 30th
France 3-1 Argentina
Uruguay 1-3 Portugal

Sun 1st
Spain 3-1 Russia
Croatia 3-1 Denmark

Mon 2nd
Brazil 3-1 Mexico
Belgium 3-1 Japan Laugh

Tue 3rd
Sweden 3-1 Switzerland
Columbia 1-3 England

England scorers Kane(2) Sterling.
Colombia scorer Falcao

Badger : England to win both halves
I don't want to be Beefy thank you Wink
Don't cry for my Ford Cortina, my badger just went for a Burton. 20 mins to go, not gonna happen. Is Messi playing?

Apparently, if what I heard on the Beeb earlier is correct, Messi hasn't scored a goal in a World Cup knockout game in the finals.
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Reasons to drink real ale
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No retreat lads. No Surrender
Real Ale + Liver + Kidneys = Bud

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