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Hibs v Rangers, Sun 13 May, KO 12.30pm
It is confirmed the SFA have summoned Lenny to answer the dismissal charge re his 'aeroplane celebration'. He wasn't exactly 'in Rangers fans' faces' during that celebration and the bigger issue is still their obsession with sectarianism and relative toxic behaviour but unfortunately it is the SFA we're dealing with and they are a ####### 'lame duck' when it comes to dealing with this stuff!
I doubt he'll be bothered. What are they doing about Rangers fans chanting?
Don't stop me now, I'm having such a good time, I'm having a ball.
Nothing! 'Swept under the carpet' as usual although I believe the Scottish govt have some kinda formal investigation and observations of these kinda offences with a view to taking further action of redress on such a persistent prob.
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The huns have went absolutely mental about lennys celebration. Laugh Laugh fannies.

They are a despicable organisation that panders to an extremist sectarian support that is hopefully dwindling.
The huns have a cheek going mental at anything before looking at their own behaviour, their singing and chanting is at best sectarian and at worst racist and inflammatory. They get away with it because the SFA/SPFL hide behind the guise that the club are"doing everything they can to eradicate it" . That`s a load of bo##ocks dock them points and that will cut out most of it but the same has to apply evenly to every other team in the league Celtic included. That`s never going to happen so unfortunately we just have to put up with the bile and poison they bring to our game,
Not forever! I don't think officials within the Scottish govt share that tolerance and moves will be taken to tackle this issue in a new initiative that will eventually be deployed. I'm not saying it will work but the govt are not gonna 'sweep it under the carpet' and ignore it.

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