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Am I the only one .......
I feel the need to ask some of those am I the only one questions.

Am I the only reeling in shock from Swansea 8-1 Notts County?

Am I the only one who can't believe how uncompetitive Notts County were?

Am I the only one who can't believe they've ever played that way before?

Am I the only one who thought the two goalkeepers were amongst the poorest ever ....... at any level? Collin for County looked scrawny and vulnerable, he was comfortable catching the ball at chest height, anything else he looked dodgy, palmed one cross away like a model on the catwalk in Milan, wearing high heels and expensive silk gloves. The ball plopped about two yards. He had no spring in him at all. BUT compared to Swansea's reserve keeper he was Gordon Banks. He looked like the fat boy they stuffed in goal 'cause his dad picks the team. Not only couldn't he catch, he didn't even try to catch, he didn't care where the damned thing went so long as he didn't have to put his chubby maulers on it. He's a Swedish international. I'm wondering at which sport. A pub goalie who looked and performed like that would embark on a fitness campaign.

Am I the only one who watches Nathan Dyer and wonders why, when he isn't getting in Swansea's team, there isn't a massive queue wanting him on loan? Okay he's been unfit recently, but he was on loan at Leicester when they won the league .......... If it were possible for Chesterfield to take him on loan from now till the end of the season we could start forgetting our relegation worries now.

Am the only one thinking a crowd of fewer than 8,000 for a cup match featuring a Premiership side, despite being live on telly, is a portent of doom for the entire competition?
I was watching it with the sound off whilst listening to Town at Birmingham. It didn't look very competitive. More like a friendly match.

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