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England v Germany v Brazil? Strictly for the dosh?
What is the point of England v Germany and England v Brazil?

If there was any chance of our best eleven playing we could field a team that could, at least, compete, but of course there is no chance of that. We've lost Alli and Kane days before we start ..... to add to those who weren't ever fit enough for selection. A couple of others are bound to develop niggles fearful of soiling their own reputation. So we'll end up with half a team playing whatever Germany and Brazil feel might be beneficial to their own development strategy.

Although, if we had everyone fit, we could produce a decent England side, potentially capable of the quarter or semi final of a World Cup, our actual problem is beating the sides we might meet in the group stages. If we were in a group with either Germany or Brazil, do you really think we'd be thinking let's win this one? We'd be thinking draw with Germany and get four points from the other two games and we'll be through. So do we arrange friendlies against the sort of sides we'll want to beat first-up in Russia. No. We play two sides that we might have to beat to win the whole thing .......... and ignore the hundred or more countries who might provide the informative opposition we need to actually get us out of a group ........ and because it is a friendly we'll play them in a way which will be very little help were we to meet them for real.

Of course it's really only for telly and the dosh. We might as well challenge Germany and Brazil at Strictly. Jamie could manage the squad, his missus did decent. The viewers could cast their votes and complain as usual when they realise they've voted Raheem into a dance-off with Leroy Sane and Coutinho ........... by voting to keep Eamonn Holmes's missus and her gobby partner .........
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A lotta empty spaces at Wemberley tonight in a match that I suspected would prob be a 0-0 draw and so it 'came to pass' with the highlight of the game being a cracking 20 yd Sane shot that battered off Engerland's cross bar and deserved a better outcome - very unlucky not to score!
Well I was WRONG!

The injuries and withdrawals mean England did learn something against a similar level of German side - a few players missing for both. Still don't think we should have been playing them ...... three times in twenty months is simply exploitation of the fans.

We saw that Loftus-Cheek should be in the side both for England and Chelsea. We saw how much better we look without Jordan Henderson. Though I'm more a Mary Pickford fan than Jordan, we saw a very sharp young keeper on the hard low balls he handles so well. (It's in the air I worry about him. At corners for instance he stands too near the near post, which shows a lack of confidence - he isn't thinking - come out and catch it ....) Tammy Abrahams showed moments of pace and power that make me think in six months time he'll be a real handful. Dier looked a captain, Harry Maguire showed skills I didn't know he possessed, Stones was good, we've showed we have 4 international wing backs at least .......

On the other hand as part of the Brexit negotiations I think we should hold out for Leroy Sane to be declared English and immediately become eligible for the World Cup! Lets see how Mrs merkel likes that one! And Ter Stegen is a bloody good reserve keeper.
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