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The ultimate WC Group F match - Slovenia v Scotland
Leigh Griffiths isn't a giant and he scored a goal!
Scotland badly need to get rid of the "we were really unlucky but played well" attitude because it fools nobody and gives the impression that we don`t care enough about winning.
We have to bring back the grit and determination of Scotland teams of the 60`s, 70`s and 80`s and put pride in wearing the international jersey. Scotland play in dark blue(not pink) and the quicker we get back to that the better it will be for our players and give them an identity on the park.
Jock Stein told his players to grow into their jersey but our current Scotland players shrink and try not to be recognised wearing a sissy pink football strip.
I don`t believe that Scotland do not have players capable of qualifying for World cups but we need to start blooding some of the younger players before the qualifying for Euro 20 starts.
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Talking about grit and determination, well I'm watching Wales v ROI in their 'winner takes all crunch match' and all the required attributes personified by ROI who are attaining their required 'clean sheet' at 0-1 with the requisite 'big players' on display and no defensive mishaps as suddenly conceded by Scotland. ROI 'soaking up the pressure' and the 'blessed Martin O'Neil' delivers again with a team that IMO is not that good but has been properly organised to be resilient and hold on to that one goal advantage, unlike Scotland and Strachan.
FT 0-1 and ROI qualify for the World Cup play offs - an abject lesson learnt on how to do it and I've just won a wad of money on a hunch, a 0-1 forecast result!!
That irish team might be nothing special but they have got plenty of battling qualities and in o'neill a manager who knows how to get a job done and organise them properly.

They defended their lead as though their lives depended on it,compare that with our soft as shite approach last night. Sure It wasn't pretty to watch but they are in the playoffs.

Scotland have better players than ROI,but i think now we need a new manager and a fresh approach to take that forward.
Strachan does indeed give up the manager's post with immediate effect. Moyes is the bookies favourite!! Doh Regan's comment - fresh impetus required and the SFA officials have a lotta time to decide who replaces Gogsy who I think eventually did a reasonable job albeit not perfect!
Is it time to go for an outsider? Or does the manager always have to be Scottish?
Possibly eh!? As the spread of Scottish candidates is taken from the usual list of candidates, some of whom do not inspire anyway.
Here's another associated question - 'Should certain SFA hi heid yins follow Strachan oot the door as well'?
Absolutely yes 0762 - and we know who we are talking about here, makes my blood boil that these characters are still running our game.

As for strachan he did a reasonable job and 'steadied the ship', brought back some team spirit after the levein debacle. But ultimately his stubbornness with player selection and his record in the really vital games worked against him. Leaving mcginn and mcgregor on the bench and choosing championship duffers really cost us.

None of the names mentioned so far moyes,mackay,allerdyce really do it for me. I think a young foreign coach might be better,but the SFA are complete dinosaurs.
I think Big Sam would be a excellent choice for Scotland, I'd have him back to replace Southgate in a heartbeat
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