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The ultimate WC Group F match - Slovenia v Scotland
sitter missed by darren fletcher.
Told you. Come on. One more.
WTF was anya doing there?
Hard luck, lads.
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A sore one to take. On top of many,many sore ones.

Absolute textbook on how to not play a game you need to win tonight. Strachan put the wrong team out and we didn't deserve to win.
Will he go or will he be pushed? Or will they keep faith?
Time for a dram or two before i give this any more thought amelia.
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Very disappointing but we didn't lose, scored 2 goals against a side that had not lost any goals at home in group F matches but didnae keep another 'clean sheet' against them. As for that free kick that 'opened the door' for that 1st Slovakian goal, wtf was that FK given for anyway and why did that ref delay his decision by about 5 secs??? However, it was poorly defended, and IMO Martin (pulled off by Gogsy) would have been defending the back post better with Fletcher! Delighted to see Slovakia will not likely qualify for the play offs anyway but that does not dismiss the fact we 'shot ourselves in the foot' to qualify with 20 pts with a team that needed freshening up 4 days after a challenging 1-0 win v Slovakia. IMO we would have won if a combative Broony had played in Scotland's midfield. As for Strachan leaving? Really? I wish he had the full quota of players to choose from because that would have helped our cause greatly in this crucial game! The signs of improvement and the arrival of a number of good young Scottish players have changed the 'dynamic' and 'shape' of this Scotland team. I'll stick with the 'stability factor' and let Gogsy focus on the process of rebuilding/reshaping the team with the good habits and techniques being employed in the process. There is a 'unified look' about the Scotland squad and management/coaches these days - no point disrupting it!
Losing brown and armstrong was a big blow,no doubt. But lets not kid ourselves that strachan didnae get it badly wrong the night. We stood off a team that couldnt qualify and let them dictate the game. Taking off Martin to bring on McGregor or McGinn and try to control the ball better in midfield would have made sense but anya ? Waiting until the last fifteen minutes or so to make another change made no sense at all.

These guys who can't even get a game at club level down south were completely blowing out their arse by the 70th minute and offer absolutely no attacking movement or technique on the ball. Yet he had match fit guys who play for their club on the bench.

I still think strachan made a huge mistake not getting griffiths involved sooner,it was obvious he was the answer. I'm on he fence about keeping strachan on,that was xxxx atrocious the night and he has had 2 campaigns now.

And for him to witter on about genetics afterwards might have made him smile but it didnae amuse me one bit.
The biggest problem we have with genetics is those belonging to Gordon Strachan. Those ones that give him his blinkered view on his favourites, the ones that keep getting picked and don't produce the goods. Tonight's game was calling out for attacking midfielders driving forward, players like McGregor and McGinn, players in form like ....., well, McGregor and McGinn. But no, they're not his favourites, so they're not trusted like his favourites are. It took him long enough to pick an in-form striker like Griffiths. Angry

Other than that Strachan is doing a good job and I see the sense in keeping continuity in the set-up, BUT Strachan's intransigence costs us points and will do so again if he is allowed to.
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Cabbage is still good for you
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