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Champions league Group B
wattie totally agree
But unfortunately we are in that second rank of teams from the smaller countries
Look at the leagues
Benfica, Anderlech, Feyenoord all big European names not a point between them

Rangers fans are trying to have a laugh at our humpings against PSG and Bayern but football has changed the Bosman ruling and now the cash throughout the big leagues makes it so so hard for big clubs in small country's to compete in a meaning full way
The next CL group match v PSG coming up in Paris and again this will be a 'damage limitation exercise' against opponents who are far superior and indeed, this PSG team could well have hammered home 7-8 goals v the Hoops at Celtic Park if they had not 'dropped down to second gear' in the second half'! This game could prove to be a 'long night' for Celtic! We'll soon see how it all unfolds on Wednesday night.
As predicted, Celtic absolutely thrashed 7-1 after being given a 'goal of a start'. A deadly PSG salvo of 3 goals in 5 mins in the 2nd half destroyed the Hoops and registered their biggest Champs League victory! Mbappe sensational tonight and I reckon he'll be part of a World Cup winning French team next year!
An absolute pounding and no real surprise either. This is a side thats spent insane money on players.

All down to the anderlecht game at home for celtic now and to be honest it has been really from the start.
so on the face of it getting European football after Christmas is always good
but last nights performance particularly in the first half was poor
Ball retention and passing was terrible
we actually improved dramatically in the second half and were unlucky to lose a goal,
Sinclair and Armstrong rightly subbed
Anderlecht the better team 'on the night' TBH but Celtic really not playing for much and holding on comfortably to that Europa League spot.
It was pretty clear that Celtic would qualify for the Europa league and they can look forward to at least another 6 games. There are a lot of quality teams dropped into the league but Celtic have nothing to fear and should produce some good results given a favourable group. Time will tell, good luck anyway

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