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Strachan announces his player selection for the Lithuania and Malta WC ties!

It looks like Gogsy generally 'playing safe' and sticking with his regular players apart from the addition of the Millwall goalie. Grant Hanley in again and I do find that baffling TBH! Celtic's Calum McGregor omitted and the lad could well be a tad disappointed with that decision. I don't think we have any chance following that last secs 'botch up' v Engerland where we really should have held on to a glorious 2-1 victory if we had any real 'clout' in this Scotland side.
I like Strachan but him justifying McGregor's exclusion by saying he needs players he can rely on and trust is pretty ridiculous considering this group has achieved pretty much nothing over the years. What do we have to lose by giving the lad a shot? Times i've seen him he's played well, and in europe too.

And please god no grant hanley at CB,i'm nearer international standard than he is.
Also McGregor scores goals and that is one positive feature that should've justified his inclusion in a Scotland team that does not score many goals. IMO we need to win both these upcoming matches just to give us a wee smidgeon of a chance to contend a play off spot.
Bannan and Fletcher are both playing well for us at the moment. Bannan looks more like the player he was season before last so far this season and Fletcher is scoring goals following on from his good end to last season.
I've seen enough of bannan over the years,McGregor is a far better player and actually fits strachans description of the kind of midfielder he was describing recentlly as looking for.

Fletcher is near the end of his career,but might be worth throwing on late in games.

I still think Scotland needs to get away from using championship players,most have flattered to deceive.
IMO Bannan had enough opps to excel and I don't recall many pivotal moments that he did something to change a game for Scotland. Agreed it's time to 'blood in' guys like McGregor and give him a chance.
Gogsy saying today that the game is not a must win situation. I disagree and must say we need a good win to 'lift spirits and momentum' and 'push on'!
FT and 0-3 Scotland - an accomplished display by Scotland v a fairly poor Lithuanian team. Job done and Malta next on the list! One main disappointment tonight is Slovakia's late 0-1 win v Slovenia that keeps them 4 pts ahead of us in 2nd place. However, they play England at Wembley and hopefully drop 2 or 3 pts that gives us a chance of a 'winner takes all' play off place as long as we keep winning the remaining games, which I think we can achieve but we need to keep the positive momentum 'ticking over'.
Thought we played well mate,probably the best we have played away from home in a while. Armstrong in particular really is developing into a good player. But lets be honest here,we are going to have to win every remaining game to stand a chance of 2nd spot.
Aye! Every remaining group match is a cup final but 'perish the thought' that Slovakia somehow beating England at Wemberley on Monday night could prematurely scupper everything! I'm unimpressed by Engerland TBH and just hope they don't lose because I'm sure the Slovakians will view this game as a 'huge match' for them as they are only 2 pts behind England and 4 pts ahead of us..
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