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Strachan announces his player selection for the Lithuania and Malta WC ties!
After that England performance yesterday who knows what will happen on Monday!!!! I really hope we beat Slovakia to secure our progress but would love to help give you guys a fighting chance to qualify!! It's been too long since you were in a finals tournament!!
TBH if we somehow qualified for a play-off confrontation, it's likely we'd be up against one of a number of 'big guns' who have been unluckily drawn in the same group with other top six international sides. However, it would be good to at least have the chance to qualify anyway.
At the moment the only big guns in the play off positions are Italy and Portugal. The rest of the second placed teams would give you a chance
So long as England beat Slovakia at Wembley on Monday night - not guaranteed - and we win our remaining games we have a real tilt at the play off slot. I'd take our chances against anyone in the playoff.
Aye! I'd rather have the option than be eliminated! It's about time we had some kinda 'break' that favours us a wee bit!
still in with a shout going into the last double header. Guess that will do for now.

Didn't think we were that great the night,but job done.
Aye Jim! Still 'in with a shout'. England thankfully 'did the biz' after being a goal down on 3 mins and looking second best in the 1st 30 mins but 'came on to a game' in the second half. I'm still unconvinced by Engerland and a decent, more aggressive team will 'skin' that defence! Walker also a lucky laddie who should have been red-carded for a 'last man foul' on Weiss that was ignored by the referee! Anyway we move on to our next 'cup final' and it's certainly become very interesting!! Lets hope we're heading into a good old fashioned 'roller coaster ride' with Lady Luck in our favour!
I dont rate southgate at all,i just don't see him as an england manager.

As for us,we will have to produce 2 very big performances in october to finish 2nd. Very big. I can't help but think back to that pish against lithuania at hampden....that may well prove to be very costly.
....but if we somehow win our remaining group games, JOB DONE and play off ties beckon! Very intriguing as Slovakia at Hampden followed by Slovenia away aint gonna be easy but with a positive momentum and belief behind us, who knows!?
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