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Re Stokesy, I gather that he does not wanna play for Hibs any more! True or untrue? Based on his past history and his previous spat with Lenny, a manager who is not putting up with any shit that will disrupt the dressing room, it is prob true!
Wouldn't like to say at this point mate. One thing I do know is that stokesy is a very "troubled" young man, and if fighting,drinking and gambling are more important to him that playing for hibs then lennon has to act.

From what I've heard lennon has bent over backwards for him but that maybe now enough is enough.
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Aye! Lenny did say at the Hibs AGM that he had been a problem that he'd dealt with and he wouldn't put up with any form of disruption to a great, positive dressing room atmosphere and quite right too!
It`s got to the stage that Stokes seems to get into trouble easily and some action needs to be taken, not only to protect Hibs name but to help him address his demons. Stokes has gone the way of some of our other stars in finding fame and fortune when he was not mature enough to handle it. A prime example is Derek Riordan, a huge talent, who went to Celtic fell out with them, ended up in court on several occasions and seems to have disappeared.
I believe Stokes has respect for Lenny and therefore Neil probably has the best chance of helping him but unless Stokes recognises he has a problem he could be a lost cause.
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Has he not recently been banned from driving? I will always remember and be grateful for his performance against Rangers to win the Scottish Cup, but he was a liability when he came and he's a liability now. Get rid of him, please.
Cabbage is still good for you
Hibs sign rherras til the end of the season. Think he was at the PBS recently? Looks like a short term cover job for the full backs.

He looks like a solid defender, hopefully flexible as well!
Can play either full back role, so like the bain deal it certainly makes sense. We're short of cover on both sides. We are hoping to bring in one more before the window closes.

Aberdeen are interested in mcgeough apparently.

Charlton have made contact about signing stokesy.

Interesting 10 days ahead.

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