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2017 World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships
I know it's getting a bit boring, but Scotland were beaten 3-8 by Canada in the Last 16 game to fall out of the competition. Ireland were also knocked out, 3-6 by Korea. They are still playing on, though for Olympic Ranking Points.
Full Results
China 8 Russia 3; Sweden 4 Latvia 6; Scotland 3 Canada 8; Ireland 3 Korea 6; Switzerland 8 Spain 5; Norway 9 Italy 5; Czech Republic 8 Hungary 6; USA 5 Finland 6:

Quarter-final Results
Latvia 5 Canada 10; Korea 2 China 8; Switzerland 8 Norway 4; Czech Republic 6 Finland 5:

Semi-final Draw
China v Canada and Switzerland v Czech Republic

This leaves the losers positions 5-8 to play for in the following games - Korea v Latvia and Finland v Norway.

In the earlier Olympic Ranking games, Scotland beat Sweden 9-2, Russia beat Ireland 7-5, Italy beat Spain 8-5 and USA beat Hungary 11-0.
The winners play each other for positions 9-12 and the draw is Russia v Scotland and Italy v USA.

All of these games (and more) are played today to decide all the final placings.
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At the conclusion of a busy week, Switzerland ran out winners with a last stone victory by 6-5 over Canada. Canada had led 5-2 coming into the last end and with Switzerland lying 3 shots, they tried to promote one of their stones in amongst the Swiss stones, but only succeeded in cutting it out between two of the Swiss stones. The final Swiss stone was a perfect draw for the win. In a much more straightforward game, China won the Bronze Medal with a 6-2 win over Czech Republic.

GOLD- Switzerland
SILVER - Canada
BRONZE - China

[Image: 2ryls7q.jpg]
Back Row - Jeff Stoughton (Canadian coach), Reid Carruthers (Canada), Martin Rios (Switzerland), Zhipeng Zhang (Chinese coach), Dexin Ba (China)
Front Row - Joanne Courtney (Canada), Laurence Bidaud (Swiss coach), Jenny Perrett (Switzerland), Rui Wang (China)

Olympic Ranking Results
Korea 2 Norway 9, Latvia 1 Finland 7, USA 5 Russia 7,  Scotland 7 Italy 5.
4th - Czech Republic, 5th Norway, 6th Korea, 7th Latvia, 8th Finland, 9th Russia, 10th USA, 11th Scotland, 12th Italy.

These positions, allied to the 2016 Championship results, mean that the 8 qualifiers for the 2018 Winter Olympics are China, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Finland and hosts Korea.
Cabbage is still good for you
Is Mixed Doubles a new Olympic event then?
It is indeed, Snooty.

No more major Championships until September, so I'll be back then.
Cabbage is still good for you

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