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Interforum league 2017
Hi everyone, Big Grin

the zdkf1 site has had an overhaul and, after skipping the opening race, is now ready for you to make your predictions for the season. If you haven't played before, it's really easy: sign up and start your nickname with "babble" and predict the top 10, pole sitter and pole time for each race. If you're a returning player, you will need to reset your password.

I believe ze Dutch Kiwi is planning a few more improvements to the website during the season, and the website is already a bit easier to use particularly for those on phones or tablets.

As always, slightly late predictions can be emailed to and will be included at their discretion, but if you post them here too then I can at least include them towards the league. (I will be particularly kind with predictions for China as I am rather late posting this!)

I'll try and do a more fleshed out opening post after China, the only other thing to add for now is I think the risk bonus boundaries are still very safe ≤19, safe 20-22, moderate 23-25, risky 26-28, crazy 29+.

Good luck! Thumb up

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Not a good start - forgot to predict last evening  Doh
Post your prediction here and I'll include it anyway. Smile
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Just done one for Bahrain.
I'll use the same for China. Better than nowt.
Pole Position : Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
Pole Time : 90.21s
1st : Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
2nd : Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
3rd : Felipe Massa Williams
4th : Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari
5th : Fernando Alonso McLaren
6th : Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull
7th : Marcus Ericsson Sauber
8th : Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso
9th : Kevin Magnussen Haas
10th : Nico Hülkenberg Renault
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China Results

Ham wins the opening round of the 2017 interforum league for f1forumorg.
Sportsbabble didn't place in the top 10 this race Sad , but keep trying! Thumb up Anyone who missed the opening race, don't worry, you will get some points on zdkf1 for any races you missed. Smartass
As always, if you made a prediction but don't see your name in the top 10 or list of also rans, please tell me.


scores for also rans from sportsbabble:
amelia 30

League Table

Quali Trophy
2 players were within 0.25% for 2 points.
10 players scored 1 point for being within 1%.
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Was away on holiday for the opening prediction, but now have it in for the Bahrain GP.
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Hi all!
I'm Dogued from F1Forum, and I ended up taking up the Interforum stuff when Pob went AWOL early in the season.

Unfortunately, I'm slack, and never got around to joining up the other forums to post results!

Obviously, with only 2 players, it was hard for Sports Babble to win overall, but you scored well and finished 7th out of the 11 registered forums.

SCO, despite not winning a round, finished as the 4th highest Top 10 points scorer through consistent results!
Amelia picked up enough points to help you stay ahead of the 8th placed forum, and had a highest finish of 4th in Spain.

I'll keep going in 2018 at this stage, and will ensure results are up to date each round. Unfortunately, I don't have the connection with the ZDKF1 guys that Pob did, so will need predictions to be done on time to be counted. If it's something you struggle with, what one of our guys did was predict the full season back in April, then update before each race if he remembered. He scored well on the predictions (although pole times were WAY off), so it's a valid strategy.
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