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World Cup group tie: Scotland v Slovenia, Sun 26 March
With our centre back options we will be doing well to get a draw,but you never know i suppose.
Magnificent Leigh Griffiths with a historical brace of free kick goals and his first one for Scotland too! Thumb up 2-2 but how the f### did single-dimensional England get out of this match with a draw???? The boys stuck to the game plan and should've won this match! A draw due to needless errors - what happened to you with the 1st goal Craig Gordon? England's undeserved 2nd goal - what happened to you Stuart Armstrong??? Had a poor game but you hold the ball with secs to go - 'sell a dummy' and hold the baw FFS and play one touch possession footie! Any decent Euro team would've seen out this game v England at 2-1, very disappointing to lose the 2 pts TBF and I'd say to Gareth Southgate their manager - YOU GOT OUT OF JAIL MATE AND YOU F###### WELL KNOW IT!!! Aye! The highs and lows of being a Scotland fan! Rolleyes
We needed to see that out,2 class free kicks from sparky.

England are miles away from europes elite and will get skelped at the world cup. Unlikely we will make 2nd now - think we really needed to win that today.
Yep Jim!. Scotland on 8 pts and in 4th place. Slovakia will likely beat Malta tonight thereby rendering them 4 pts ahead of Scotland but still 4 games to play. Hampden atmosphere absolutely 'electric' for a change and lastly that was never a free kick that led up to that England equalising goal although Armstrong's role in it was criminal but also Craig Gordon? - attack the cross ball and 'wipe out' Kane and ball if necessary!??
Aye gordon was poor the night,i thought armstrong should have done better at their equaliser too.

Think middle to front strachan has us looking ok (but he should have been starting sparky more). Charlie mulgrew had a steady enough game but lets be honest we aren't going to a major tournament with him and christophe berra....not with the best will in the world.

This is one of the worst england sides i remember too,they have definitely declined in the last 10 years.
It's also curious that 'celtic' international teams do well against England when they show up and play them with the right tactics. Of course, last year Iceland exposed the same defensive and mid frailties that are still evident today. I'm still livid that we 'let them off the hook' as the extra two pts would have improved our play off prospects greatly! It 'dawned on me' that great players are born for situations like 2-1 v England with just under 4 mins to go - a player who brings the baw down on his toe, 'sells a dummy' and effectively holds the ball by 'taking it for a walk', precise one touch passing, run the clock down!!! Sadly we don't have that level of player! It would still be nice if we qualified for Russia 'against all the odds' all the same.
I'm not being unkind to our english friends,but they really aren't that much better than the other home nations. They used to be at least good to watch with gazza and shearer,they are a pale shadow of that now.

A bit frustrated at how we sat off them so much but can't really fault the guys effort just the mentality you have to have for these games wasn't there when we needed it. 99% of sides in international fitba would have held on to that ball at the end. But thats scotland for ye!
I cheered when you equalised and went into the lead. I am quite possibly the only English person who looks at her national team with derision.
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(10-06-2017, 22:49)Amelia Chaffinch Wrote: I cheered when you equalised and went into the lead. I am quite possibly the only English person who looks at her national team with derision.

I have a buddy down south who feels the same way amelia. You are not alone.
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Mainly I think of them as egocentric overpaid prima donnas who would not recognise team spirit if it hit therm in the face.

Tell you summat else as well, I was disgusted with Oxlade-Chamberlain's shenanigans in front of your fans. Out of order.
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