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Will We Ever See?
I was wondering will we ever see a female manager in the Premier League or even the Football League? Shelley Kerr who manages Stirling University in the Lowland League became the 1st ever female manager in 2014 to manage a Men's team in Britain. Surely there must be more Women managers out there who could make the step up who are capable of managing in the Premier League or Football League. We see the same managers in the Premier League or Football League doing the rounds even though they might have failed at the last 3-4 clubs they've been at and there still getting hired while younger managers and female managers aren't being given a chance.

Are clubs worried about the backlash by there own fans? or would the media make a big song and dance about it? Surely it has to happen sooner or later and a club will have to put there head above the parapet.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
I am sure there are women capable of managing in the EFL but I would also think they need to start with managing in the women's game itself first. In the top division of Women's football in England there are I think only 2 female managers, compared to 7 men (one is called Jamie and I am not sure of the sex, so left the 10th team out!!!). If a woman can have significant success in their own league then maybe there will be a chairman out there who will give them a shot.

It would certainly be a media circus if any professional team appointed a woman, but that was the same with the first female linesman and physio, but once it happens once the second one would receive much less attention. Not sure what the players would think though, not at all sure they would get the respect in the dressing room unless they were an exceptional player themselves.

One other question, will we ever see a female player come into the men's game?? Could they physically compete?
I think the answer to your final question is only for publicity purposes St Charles. Having seen a mixed game in which a good female player was totally lost because she couldn't work out why the men couldn't/wouldn't pass to her or was that to anyone? She played a game like teenage academy boys. She was expecting passes, she was running into spaces and she wasn't just chasing the ball. Unfortunately only one of the men involved was good enough to work out what she was trying to do and as a bonus when she did get onto the ball despite her own team she was often muscled, or simply outweighed, off it.

I think it would be hard for a woman former player to appreciate everything about the male game and manage men....... but then men think they can understand the women's game ........ and that could be a case of testosterone clouding their judgement.

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