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Oleaginous Tory turd that he is, who I liked best as an athlete when he was getting a distant view of Steve Ovett's shorts, Seb Coe might actually be the man to save a sport I've always loved. Aside from the appalling image that this is the best thing to happen to him aside from the birth of his slithery children, and the memory of his everlasting, self-aggrandising Olympic opening speech ........ I think he believes what he says about a clean sport.

We are at the point when we have to decide if the best medical facilities and drug/blood/genetic enhancement win medals or just running, jumping and throwing. We may be about to see the drooling idiocy of Justin Gatlin triumph over Usain Bolt. No woman in the world, despite all medical and training advances, has ever approached the 400 metre times recorded under a state-sponsored drug programme by the East German Marita Koch ........ Not for years have we truly known who was currently or even historically the best in any event. So essentially if you stopped to think about it the whole endeavour was pointless.

Do your best to give us back your sport Lord Coe. Give us some clean athletes, incorruptible officials and transparent voting and decision-making processes and maybe I'll like you even more than Steve Ovett smiling and waving to the crowd down the back straight.
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