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European Union Referendum - In or Out??

Merkel finally prompting UK govt muppets to stop pissing about and take a reality check!! And about time too!
Boris Laugh Laugh Laugh

Is this **** for real or what ? History will not be kind to the little posh boy version of trump. He knows full and well we are heading for a major setback as a nation so is distancing himself to try and profit from the forthcoming wreckage.

Sometimes I think Westminster is some kind of sick joke.
Reasons to drink real ale
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No retreat lads. No Surrender
Boris is being Boris - a joke -and quoting discredited figures. I think he's trying to get himself sacked, but Theresa isn't being drawn, believing it's good to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Boris will have to resign and run the risk of being ostracised.
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