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Cricket Ball and Dog
I was playing in a cup match 20/20 against another local school about 7 years ago and we played matches at the town's cricket ground as we didn't have a pitch at the school.

Anyway I was fielding at third man and the batsman smashed a shot in the air and it bounced just as it reached the boundary and went for four. Behind the boundary were some trees and behind the trees were back gardens to houses and because the batsman smashed the shot near me i went searching for the ball and walked behind the trees and came up to a small fence about 2-3 ft high and there was a black labrador in the back garden and the cricket ball had landed in this persons garden near the labrador and he picked it up with his mouth so I climbed over the small fence and went over him to get him to drop the ball but he wouldn't and I think he wanted to turn it into some sort of game, in the end he gave in and dropped it and i chucked it back on to the pitch and gave him a pat and climbed over and resumed playing.

We lost the match as we collapsed when it came our turn to bat.
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