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Guests and new members
Hello and welcome to this new forum we are pleased you have found us and are looking around. But please don't stop there, take the plunge and register and join in with the banter.

If you have taken the registration step, you will know that sportsbabble expects to validate your email by sending you an authentication email?

This email should go to your in-tray. but it is possible that it will go to your junk Mail folder. So please check there if nothing seems to be happening.

The fact that the email gets to you IS the authentication process complete, we just need to ensue you are real. So, click on the first link provided in that email log on.

Job done and welcome.

If for any reason you still can't get on then try the second link.

If all of the above has still failed us all. Do not give up as we want you to join. So contact us via and we will look to solve the problem.

Note: The site is very new and we are taking feedback and deliver new features on a weekly basis. Support of a mobile app is missing at the moment but it will be here VERY soon - don't let that stop you registering and starting to build a network of like minded sport fanatics.
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So am I now registered? Haven't had a email in either my main or spam files?
(08-09-2014, 17:42)WakeyTerrier Wrote: So am I now registered? Haven't had a email in either my main or spam files?
Yes - enjoy the forum and spread the word.
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