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Coming to a town near you soon - Stage Details
There is a fantastic buzz when the tour passes through your part of the world. Get out there and enjoy the atmosphere - maybe it will encourage you to take to the road soon?  For more details of the tour

But in summary:
  • Stage One:         Sunday 7th September - Liverpool City Centre
  • Stage Two:         Monday 8th September - Knowsley to Llandudno
  • Stage Three:       Tuesday 9th September - Newtown to Tumble
  • Stage Four:         Wednesday 10th September - Worcester to Bristol
  • Stage Five:          Thursday 11th September - Exmouth to Exeter
  • Stage Six:            Friday 12th September - Bath to Hemel Hempstead
  • Stage Seven:       Saturday 13th September - Camberley to Brighton
  • Stage Eight (a) :  Sunday 14th September - London Individual Time Trials
  • Stage Eight (b) :  Sunday 14th September - London Circuit Race
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Not for me this time been through my village about three times but not this year
I normally watch this but couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to watch the highlights today. I'm all cycled out after the tdf came to Yorkshire.
Shame this is running at the same time as the Vuelta, for me.

Equally, disappointing for Cav to come a cropper again.
Oh dear. What's happened now?
He had a bit of a tumble on stage one; nothing too bad, but he struggled on the sprint afterwards
He crashed into a car didn't he, got up and said these things happen
Who were those two fighting that I just saw a clip of on the headlines this morning?
Two in the Vuelta, so far as I know. Not names that I know, to be honest, just a couple of rouleurs.
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Et in Arcadia Ego.

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