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Hibs v Celtic, Sat 21 November, KO 3.00pm
(21-11-2020, 22:36)0762 Wrote: Curiously Celtic have not won at ER Stadium for years (2013?) - a bogey that is self-evident and they were "mince" for most of this afternoon's match. I think Neil Lennon's position is in jeopardy now mainly because it is clear his use of players in certain positions is "open to question" and his team formations are unbalanced plus it is no coincidence that his Hoops' teams have been "flat" in a lotta matches this season. He never compared with the "legend" that is Brendan Rodgers and I reckon that is why lotsa Celtic fans want him to be removed/replaced by Dermot Desmond asap.

A Celtic team that had been 'on it' would have did us with all the possession they had 1st half, they totally folded after the pk which is a sure sign they aren't happy behind the scenes. They are losing a lot of goals this season as well which they didnt last.

From our perspective we really need to learn to deal with games late in the day, too often we lose late goals. I still think there's something missing about the team in the middle of the park.

(21-11-2020, 22:48)newhavenhibby Wrote: Agree with your comment re the Mackie miss, 0762. What pleased me about that, was the fact we went up the other end and created something. Recently we would have packed everybody behind the ball and seen out the last couple of minutes, as though at the Alamo.

This is true - that wee bit extra composure at both ends of the park late on today would have got us the win.

Good to have you back on here Newhaven Thumb up
Aye! It was definitely a good positive reaction by Hibs with intent to still win the game - I wanna see Hibs get rid of that "soft touch" label that Bouncinghibees previously described after that ridiculous Scot Cup semi-final loss and I'd also like to see JR showing a wee bit more hurt and disappointment after this kinda result - too matter of fact for me, not a fan! Re Hibs midfield debate, I would to see someone like Dylan McGeouch added to Hibs mid trio - retaining possession and "standing on the baw" greatly missed IMO! Also why can't Hibs players score with headers from great "crosses" like that one to Mackie???? I'm stumped!! Scored many a goal with my head from more difficult positions than that one!! All I can say is just "keep practising on the training pitch" and improve.
Re Lennon's position, in his defence I must say there have been some unlucky circumstances from early season onwards. For example, the two COVID crises were very unwelcome and I think the loss of Forrest, wee Mikey Johnson and Julienne to long term injuries plus the forced Bolingoli loss were damaging to the overall strength of his player squad and the balance of the team. Sure, Lennon has better player resources than any other footie club in the Scot Prem but this was definitely a big loss all the same esp for a footie club competing on the Euro footie front as well. A lotta Celtic hate Lennon's style of footie on the pitch but I think that is down to certain vg players not being currently available.
(21-11-2020, 19:30)newhavenhibby Wrote: Feels a bit like a defeat, when with a little composure we could have held on to the win. ............bit more composure Hanlon!!

As expected Smeltic had plenty of the ball but seemed to only produce long range efforts which Rocky dealt with.........and then one of those soft handballs for a penalty and Hanlons moment, gave them a point.

Thought we stuck at it and created a few good chances of our own and pleased Nisbet scored after another penalty miss. ( difficult for him today with no Doidge to hold the ball up)  Special mentions to Marciano , who did continue with his Israel form , Murphy and Mackie at LB........Frimpong seemed reluctant to take him on , on the outside? Gogic, again, seemed to break things up a lot of the time with subtle fouls and tackles which doesn't attract the refs interest much of the time........Aberdeenesque  Big Grin

Boyle still needs to work on his initial control!

Feels like a defeat as I said but would have taken a point at the start, so not all bad.


I watched a video rerun of Hanlon's role in conceding that 2nd Celtic goal and what a "headless chicken" moment from someone who is the Hibs captain. If one looks closely at this incident one can see various Hibs players incl Porteous and Gogic really "having a go" in telling him what they thought of that shit clearance - big question marks re Hanlon in hi pressure situations like the one we observed before Laxalt's goal but I have known that for years re Hanlon's temperament in hi-pressure moments - John Blackley style coolness not in his persona!! Even in that famous 2016 Scot Cup semi-final victory v Dundee United I can remember Hanlon's miserable contribution in that huge match at Hampden Park when Conrad Logan, the "roly poly" goalie, effectively "bailed him out" on a number of occasions when he was "found wanting"!! I perceived philosophically that age and maturity would eventually eradicate that temperamental frailty but I concede that is not gonna happen. These "headless chicken" moments will sadly recur for him in certain matches. I think the Scotland manager, Steve Clarke, will ponder very carefully whether to add Hanlon to any Scotland international squad again after watching that temperamental relapse.
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