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Israel v Scotland, Wed 18 November
This final NL group away match suddenly becomes more important for Scotland after Czechoslovakia won their home match last night v Israel by a single goal. They are now 1 pt behind Scotland and the guys, Clarke's best team, must win this match and dispel any doubt re the Czechs "nicking" this group B2 just at the conclusion of the campaign. I think they will beat Slovakia as Scotland should've done last night!! The benefits of winning group B2 could be really beneficial for Scotland and I'm sure Clarke realises that fact as well. C'mon Scotland! IMO our revised defence should be stronger with Tierney replacing Robertson.
After 2 good performances this was back to the usual shite.

Some of Clarke's personnel choices underline the problem. Burke and McBurnie are not footballers.... to me anyway. Mindboggling how much money has been spunked on that pair.
IMO what a "botch up" by Scotland in the final two group B2 matches!!! Thumb down Played well in the Slovakia match but lost it! Same goes for last night and it has become clear that the weakest area in the current Scotland team is in the "striking dept" - A MASSIVE LACK OF QUALITY AND CLINICAL FINISHING!! That miss by Griffiths in the dying mins was absolutely astounding and well up in the McBurnie list of "sitters", a shocker!! 8 yards in front of an open goal with his favoured left foot and he scuffs his kick FFS!!!!? Not good enough!! Same goes for O'Donnell with that sclaff of a shot in the 1st half - a massive lack of quality finishing in situations where the scoring opp is there to be converted.
Pretty obvious they've thrown everything into the Serbia game and had nothing left in the tank. Griffiths looked unfit, even at this stage of the season.
Just the usual Scotland I'm afraid. We're losing only a goal every game, but struggling to score any. It's been a long term problem for us.

On a more positive note, Rocky had a good game with important saves - still no real consolation, though.
Cabbage is still good for you
I must also add in the failure by the Scotland U21s in Greece which was as much of a disappointment to me as that defeat in Israel. We have not seen a Scotland U21 side qualify for the Euro finals in over 25 years FFS!! I'm repeating myself re this issue from previous threads but we need our younger players to reach these finals far more often in order to improve their standard of footie and give them some idea what higher standards are out there to aspire towards. These lads were again one game away from ensuring they were gonna qualify for the Euro finals after a very good campaign up to yesterday's match in Greece - THEY WERE SHIT, SOMEHOW UNMOTIVATED, AND DIDN'T "GRAB THE OPPORTUNITY"!!! Thumb down This was another huge disappointment and well up there in the list of Scotland failures down the years!! Did the coach, Gemmill, disappear for the day???? There must be some explanation why this shambles happened and the likely one is that the coach and background staff didn't do the prep work properly!! They apparently lost to an average Greek U21 side!!
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