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Bahrain and UAE now "friends" with Israel! Peace in the Middle East imminent?

So convenient for Trump (and the unpopular, corrupt Netanyahu for that matter!) in the run up to his possible re-election if enough American citizens are daft enough to be duped by this lunatic for a second time!! Peace in the Middle East then? I personally don't think so. Also both these nations have in fact been trading with Israel on good terms for years! And what about the poor old Palestinians who have more or less been "shat on" since the 1917 Balfour Declaration was formally brokered by western governments in the 1930s-40s - the rest is
history. Are they just "collateral damage" to the west in the greater scheme of things while Israel, "armed to the teeth" with Brit and American ordnance to kill Palestinians and anyone else who opposes them, rides roughshod even more in the occupied territories and settlements? Watch this space but don't be surprised at the status quo remaining untouched and nobody of any political standing doing any damn thing to change it for the better - all opposition suppressed, JOB DONE!!! However, that makes four Arab states that are in tow with Israel now. There are still many other Arab countries that do not agree with this stance.
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