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Czechoslovakia v Scotland, Mon 7 Sept, KO 7.45
Well hopefully this will not be a feared "banana skin" for Scotland v a scratch Czech side after a gross violation of COVID19 rules v Slovakia. Clarke announces his line up and it looks like he is opting for his favoured "four at the back" with decent defenders, Palmer, Leeds' Liam Cooper, McKenna and Robertson. My concern centres around Robertson AGAIN! He may be great for Liverpool but it aint the case when he captains Scotland!!! Thumb down He needs protective cover down the left flank esp during tough matches. Fleck, McTominay and Kenny McLean are moved into the mid area and it looks like Fleck and McLean will be the holding mid players. Dykes is up front again supported by Christie and Armstrong.
None of the Czech side taking the knee.
1-0 to the B team, or is it the C team.....

Clarke is clueless, McTomminay in defence......

1-1 another dire performance so far, if this is the style Clarke intends of playing then he can leave now.
FT 1-2 and this "shape" that Clarke is playing with three at the back is totally f##### wrong!! I wouldn't play McTominay in any Scotland line up again after what I observed tonight!! The same goes for Robertson who IMO got a jammy pk to give Christie the winning goal. I'd also sack all these bbc pundits who really do utter a lotta pish on radio and tv when it comes to "calling it as it is" re Scotland performances. We were f##### awful v a scratch Czech side and Clarke is leading in to a "crunch" play off match v Israel with no idea what his best Scotland side is and a tried and failed system that he just cannot deploy v the Israelis if he has any kinda savvy re fielding a comfortable and positive Scotland side to do the biz!! The last quarter of this match was an utter disgrace with poor clearances, needless fouls, cheap corners given away and a huge lack of quality and calmness - DIDN'T DESERVE A DRAW AND CERTAINLY DIDN'T DESERVE THAT VICTORY!!! Oh aye - I must give a special mention to our goalie, David Marshall - saved us again!!
Sky commentator didn't mince his words. Said it was excruciating to watch.
God knows what Clarke was thinking of. Apart from dykes and Marshall nobody comes out those games with credit.

Kenny McLean instead of McGinn? Mctominay at right defence? I know Robertsons been great for Liverpool but he's never performed for the national team. Mckenna is like a nightclub bouncer with a pair of fitba boots.

Watch Northern Ireland get destroyed by Norway I think its highly unlikely we get through.
If we somehow reach the play off final by some minor miracle, stopping Haaland destroying us would be well nigh impossible based on watching the poor defensive displays in Scotland's last two NL matches.
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