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Italy v Scotland - "last chance saloon" for Townsend??
Well I'm fairly confident that Scotland will lose this 6 Nations match in Rome but will Gregor Townsend still be allowed to remain in his position after a period of utter negativity and failure from World Cup Japan onwards? IMO he has survived off that "miracle" at Twickenham last year when Scotland gave England a 31 pts start and then initiated the biggest 2nd half RU comeback of all time to retain the Calcutta Cup. That "honeymoon" is over and he must depart and give way to a more able and tactically astute coach who can move forward with this current group of players
I'm inclined to agree, but the fact remains that, individually, the Scotland players must be the most error prone in the world.

Witness Hogg letting the ball fall from his grasp against Ireland when he could have fallen over his own feet and still scored, the fact that Scottish players consistently knock on or give away penalties when in strong attacking positions and, in defence, give away stupid penalties with basic schoolboy errors.
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I concur with these comments. The Hogg error/missed try is one of the worst that I've ever seen by a Scotland RU player and his "I've scored" bogus reaction after clearly dropping the ball was so embarrassing!!! Remember he is the current Scotland captain, another Townsend decision that I didn't like!! Also these errors have never really gone away down the years as well as "camping" on opponents' try lines and rarely scoring a try after all that hard graft to cross that try line.
FT and Scotland actually won this match 0-17, a game that I reckon all the Scotland players realised they had to win in any way that they could achieve it and they did it albeit with an average display of rugby that didn'y impress greatly TBF. But a win is a win esp for a Scotland team that hardly ever performs away from home. It gives Townsend an element of "breathing space" as coach but I still think he should "call it a day" as he is not good enough at this level of RU.
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