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The Owls v Reading SBC Match Thread
Probably win all them Kev and fall short like last season's how we do things ! As soon as there's nothing to play for up step the brave !!
Monks come out basically saying Westwood and Hutchinson are finished at the club .
Da Cruz has been sussed after only 3 games fans saying he's a headless chicken .
Same goes for Fessi although we already knew that if he doesn't play striker !

I can't get my head round the fact we loaned Penney out to bring in Murphy and dacrap ? A player who was developing a football Brian along with the tricks and pace !
Too many headless chickens upfront no midfield and a scared stiff defence backed up with the assurance that there keeper could make a howler at any moment !
How can you build on that with let's face it 5 new faces in the summer even if all 10 contracts of current players are cancelled ?
Answer you can't it will take at least another season of ins and outs before the final pieces can be put together ! But we now that we don't have the patience niether do we trust who's in charge ! So I think he will be binned off before the new year whatever happens .. probably Xmas !
Barmy to think that we were 3rd at Xmas and now could actually be relgated after a likely 12pt deduction

From the boardroom to the pitch its rotten
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BML Update:

Pei gets a Smartass for the attendance

BML Updated.
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