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Scotland v England - "get real" Eddie Jones!!!

I read these ill-advised comments by Jones and immediately thought, "Why didn't he just say something like Scotland has a new squad of up n coming players and we're looking forward to a good, competitive match at Murrayfield". But we all know the man is a "wind up merchant" and clearly under pressure after losing v France plus Scotland has won in the last two Calcutta Cup matches at Murrayfield. One can also see how "fast Eddie" was previously assaulted on a train bound for Manchester - HE CAN BE HIS OWN WORST ENEMY AND HAS A PAST HISTORY OF SILLY COMMENTS!! Thumb down
Scotland have lots of talented players but they don't look like a team, Townsend should have stood down after the World Cup.

As for today, if it hadn't been for the conditions we would have to a right doing.

Eddie Jones is a massive, massive wanker. I xxxx detest him.
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Two games in and Scotland's six nations campaign is already over!! Thumb down I must say that I was not enamoured to Townsend's choice of new captain, Hogg, and this guy has not failed to really piss me off, esp after that unbelievable easy touch down try v Ireland in Dublin, only he didn't EASILY TOUCH DOWN THE OVAL BALL BUT INADVERTENTLY DROPPED IT ON TO THE TRY AREA!!! That was one of the most amazing "missed tries" that I've ever witnessed from any Scotland player!!! I thought he was a liability again v England, definitely not captain material, but his "get out of jail card" is the fact the match was played in a game-destroying storm with swirling winds all over the place with strong grounds for the ref to "call it off". IMO Townsend survived mainly because of that miraculous comeback v England last season at Twickenham after giving them 31 pts of a start!!! His tactics are shit and his setting up of a balanced Scot RU team is totally unimpressive at this level of rugby. IMO Vern Cotter was a far superior coach and organiser/motivator of players than Townsend will ever be - time to "get rid" and we are late doing it!! While we are at it, can we dismantle the whole SRU hierarchy and start again esp after that recent revelation re those exorbitant remuneration packages for certain SRU officials!!!
As for Jones, a 100% tosspot with an England team that I wish Scotland had pulverised today and that would've provided ample justice to mete out and really "rub Jones nose in it"!!! A case of say nothing but "murder them" on the pitch!! Sadly Scotland could not do that due to Townsend's great inability to coach and organise a solid, balanced Scotland team!! Scotland are progressing backwards after all these years of stop-start performances and somebody with some kinda standing needs to "step in" to "stop the rot"!!
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