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And Rangers have an even bigger challenge to find the goals to stop the Bhoys' "ten in a row"!!
Whats this now ?

Sevco saying 'no active talks' for the chubster, yet he's agreed terms with lille ? Maybe I'm a cynic but it sounds like sevco have given him the ok to tout his fat ass out the door. Probably a clause in one of those extensions he signed. It’s telling that they haven’t denied giving Morelos permission to discuss personal terms with Lille.

Problem is now that the huns have built him up so much valuation wise and got their poodles in the media to produce so much fake interest in the player that sevco are not in control of the situation. So the chubsters agent and Lille may well have decided to stitch up sevco to speed up his departure. It's a risky one for the huns as it could be Morelos stays where he is and slowly eats his way through Glasgows fast food outlets.

Talented player but his mentality is awful, his disciplinary record a joke.

He'll be making sure he doesn't get injured!
I love how he goes on about moving to a more competitive league. He hasn't won the one in Scotland FFS. Laugh
After having spent the game fouling constantly and not getting booked whilst wearing what looked like an inflatable top, fatty totally blanked Gerrard coming off the pitch Laugh

Lille better get their 17 million bid in pronto or there's gonna be trouble ahead!
Bayer Leverkusen 1 Rangers 0 and a superior BL "second string" completes the elimination of RFC from this Europa League tourney although Inter will prove to be far more formidable opponents in next Monday's QF. But watching Morelos' latest unimpressive display just "said it all" and grumpy again when subbed - prob the last time we see him playing in a Rangers' jersey!
He has chucked it, and if rangers can't sell him Gerrard has made things worse!

Stevie g is clearly not the brightest.
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