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Hibs v Killie, Sat 30 Nov, KO 3.00pm
Well this is a welcome home fixture at the current time and when Hibs are on a good 3-in-a-row winning run. I expect Jack Ross to field the same Hibs starting line up although I would like to see Rocky back in Hibs goal. Hopefully the boys will battle through this match to register another victory v testy opponents who easily put Hertz "to the sword" in their previous game at Rugby Park. Keep going Hibs!

Killie have improved a bit I reckon so I'm expecting a tough game.

Hertz are all over the shop right now so I wouldn't read too much into that win, but I think we are going to have to play better than we did midweek.
We must shore up that defence - never kept a "clean sheet" for quite a while and being defensively tight is a good habit to keep but that "anchor" mid defensive position needs to be sorted.
Kevin Clancy is the worst referee I've ever seen. Hibs throw a late goal after sitting back and trying to defend a lead for 15 mins, we should have been out of sight by half time. Defensive changes need in January.

I agree this was one hugely avoidable draw v a team that we would have passed in the league on GD and what a f### up!! Two big questions from me centre on two Hibs players - 1. Why did Mallan opt for the shot on the Killie goalie with secs to go??????????????? If you take the shot then you must score to make it 3-1 - a f###### erse of the highest rating with no intelligence whatsoever - look at the clock and "use your loaf"!!!!! 2. Why did Halberg make that tackle in the dying secs to give Killie their final chance - it was absolutely unnecessary!!!! Why???????
Maybe it is a good thing for Jack Ross to observe, first hand, the defensive frailties anyway. A corner kick and a FK in the dying secs and Hibs cannot defend these set piece positions with huge question marks raised on the CB roles in losing these goals. We should not have dropped any pts today and that is a fact. As for the criticism of the ref, Kevin Clancy, this guy is a horrible referee who has scuppered Hibs before on some PK calls, one of them (there are lots btw) strangely enough previously v Killie at Rugby Park a few seasons ago. The man is just such an awful ref on occasions and he bizarrely wears a FIFA badge!
Thought we played well and should have had the game in the bag but like v st Mirren we lost our way for 20 mins or so and then rallied again but we looked dead on our feet. End of the day halberg keeps the ball properly and we win that.

That said our attacking play has improved hugely...... we are just lacking that bit of toughness and defensive quality that you really need for a team to be successful. It's been like that for a while now and needs addressed in January.
I must just add that this was probably the most annoying result of the season mainly because we are playing much better and the positive momentum up to this game was great to see after months of disappointment. Also the fact this drawn result was so avoidable and the decision-making of "certain players" definitely raises concerns re their future status as Hibs players. Lastly, I think Darren Magregor, who is back training again, must be returned to Hibs defence asap and I would personally like to see Ryan Porteous used in a defensive mid "anchor" role even though I do wonder whether Paul Hanlon is Hibs 1st choice CB any more. At least Darren would give him adequate cover but that arrangement can't go on forever. Agreed there were signs v Saint Mirren that Hibs defence was not quite right and grounds to possibly change it but understandable that JR retains a winning starting line up. Now it is time for the manager to ponder what happened today and how to deal with it.
A lot of our players need to look at themselves and ask " am I giving 100% to the overall team effort?" and if being honest will have to answer no. A lot of work has to be done before we can be the team of only a few seasons ago when we were much tougher and hard to beat. I believe we have players well capable of getting back to that kind of form but our fans need to see something happening.
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