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A UK General Election and Trump already "sticking his nose" in it....
I've been reading social media and a lot of people in Scotland are voting Conservative but I've also noticed that a lot are Rangers supporters as well. The Celtic and Hibs supporters on social media seem to be voting SNP or Labour well the one's I've read anyway.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
That's social media for you!
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There's is so much "ammunition" to fire at the Tories up here, I'll be very disappointed if the SNP don't win 50+ seats and they don't even need to fight a "dirty" campaign unlike the other toxic unionists parties with their scheming unionist agenda!!. As for Scot Labour? They are non-entities!
Saw the first brexit party poster in a shop yesterday. They're the only ones campaigning. And one of our Labour MP's biggest assets has always been his former army career. The brexit party have put an ex-servicewoman up against him. They know what they are doing.
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