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European Athletics Team Championships
As someone who loves GB athletics, especially the relays, I was gutted when I sat down all agog, in anticipation of the men's 4x4 to find out we'd been withdrawn. Even more disappointed when it turned out to be an administrative cock-up. We had entered a shot-putter's name instead of Rabah Yousif. I don't know which bit I find more disappointing; the fact that whoever's job it was, couldn't get the right athlete or that the powers that be in Poland couldn't give any leeway because it was a honest mistake.  Doh Mind you, I probably wouldn't either if it had been the opposition.  Whistle
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Bloody jobsworths Whistle

What I want to know though is when did Poland become a top athletics country? Huh
Typical British incompetence - no wonder we're in a mess. The Poles are great at vaulting Whistle and more probably the throwing events, which is why we don't notice them.
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