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Women's World Cup 2019
On a positive note, viewing figures have hit record levels during France 2019 and that will be a big boost for the "women's game". As for the final, I can't see The Netherlands failing to make it v the USA - a better side than Sweden who will never beat the US lassies even if they somehow "rip up the form book" and reach that final.
Another shocker from VAR. Ellen White has a perfectly good goal chalked off. How they can decide that that was handball is unbelievable. It clearly comes off her chest first. She's jostling with the opponent and the ball brushes the top of her arm. Yes, the ball has touched her arm, but that isn't handball.
It has to be a clear and obvious refereeing mistake for it to be overturned and this wasn't.
Plus no one seemed to be asking for a review.
And the USA deservedly retain the WWC trophy, a success that was never in any doubt from day 1 of this tournament but VAR "played its part" again in deciding the outcome of this game and it was the correct decision in awarding a pk to the USA and allow Rapinoe to score the 1st goal. Also no surprise that the POTM was the Dutch goalie who had a great match in a Dutch team that didn't have enough "punch" up front. Not a great final but the US ladies did enough to win it without ever being stretched to their limits.
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Can't argue that the best team won. Rapinoe getting the golden boot ahead of Morgan and Ellen White, but there were silver and bronze awards given out, which is nice.
Similarly player of the tournament in which Lucy Bronze won silver. Thumb up
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