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World Snooker Championship 2018
Well we've reached the semis and now it's deciders day for them. Scores overnight are:-

John Higgins (Sco) 13-11 Kyren Wilson (Eng)

Barry Hawkins (Eng) 9-7 Mark Williams (Wal)

Not seen any of the Hawker Williams game, but the Higgins/Wilson match was good last night. higgins can't shake him off and alternatively, Wislon just can't catch him up. There's always that two frames between them.
Williams on fire in this opening session of day 2. He's rattled off the first 3 frames to lead 13-7.
Higgins not looking good at the moment.

That's six in a row from it being 7-7.

Wowzers! Make that 7 in a row. He's taken all 4 of this first session and only needs another 4 to be world champion.

Think I'll just take this opportunity to remind you all that Mark Williams is a distant relative of mine on my maternal great grandparents' side. Tongue  Big Grin

Higgins on a proper melt down. Just missed a black off the spot and our Mark's in again.

But Mark lost position, John got back in and he has his first frame of the day.
He's not giving in. A clearance from 65-0 down and it's another frame to Higgins.

14-10 now.

End of session 15-10 to Williams.
Back on and Higgins makes a century in the first.


From 58 behind, Higgins nicks another one.


Higgins again from well behind.


Totally opposite of this afternoon now. Mark can't pot and John can't miss.
It's a 4-0 session to Higgins.

Whale oil beef hooked!


Willibobs stops the rot to go back in front.


Break of 100 from our Mark puts him one away from the title.


Williams 63 up, misses match ball and Higgins is back in.

The Wizard mops em up and it's 17-16.

Williams in again though.

John needs snookers.

Three snookers needed.

He's won it Smile
And a man of his word, he's done the press conference naked. Laugh Laugh Laugh
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