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Nicola Sturgeon finally begins the process of separation!
Sturgeon advising against travel to north of England. These localised lockdowns are fair enough but they just point to the Spanish quarantine thing being daft, there are areas of Spain like the islands that are far safer than parts of England.

Boris and Hancock are pushing the '2nd wave in Europe' line as part of their Brexit strategy but truth is we haven't left our first wave thanks to the efforts of this clown car government.
I thought Hancock's announcement last night was wrongly timed and the mixed message to the people of Greater Manchester and outlying was unimpressive - fed another one of those messages with not enough detail. IMO Hancock does not inspire at all and that failure spans way back to when he was with the May govt.
He wasn't so worried about the first wave and kept cheltenham open to appease his posh horsey mates, causing innumerable deaths.


Riddle me this though - In the run-up to the coronavirus lockdown announced on the evening of 23 March, fewer than 300 people arriving in the UK were quarantined. Thats with skiers from northern Italy and the alps, holiday makers from Spain and Athletico fans from Madrid going to Liverpool all in the mix. No one being given info on self isolating if they had symptoms.

This was because they were planning to follow 'classic Dom's' herd immunity strategy when it hit the UK.
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