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Nicola Sturgeon finally begins the process of separation!
What on earth gets into certain men, and it usually is men, that as soon as they get power/money/fame they begin to think that they can do exactly what they like. They give no thought to consequences, family, friends and colleagues, never mind basic decency. Social media might be a great tool for communications, but unfortunately, great big tools use it too. Angry
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I find it incredible that he was sending this young man messages for over 6 months. Even when he was being told by the boy to leave him alone.

Not to mention using tax payers money to aid in his grooming of the boy, and that's what this is - grooming. Looking at the transcripts of the texts I'd venture this isn't the first time he's done this either.

A mix of ego,too much power and sheer stupidity, don't forget he was seen as one of the major choices to replace sturgeon. !!
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Now it transpires that Johnson and his Brexit govt offering a peerage to the previous Scot Tory leader, Ruth Davidson!!!!!!??? Yep, this is the same disgraced Tory MSP who was "shot down" by Johnson because she despised him and his extreme politics that centred around Brexit and she initiated her Operation Arse campaign to disown Johnson and distance her Scot Tory "branch office" from any association with him. She has been occasionally seen languishing in the back benches of the Scot Parliament with her head laid low and "keeping mum" - the projected "darling" of the Tory RW media up here who tried to foist this insincere, deceitful woman on the Scot electorate and failed miserably!!! Now we see the possibility of the public purse "forking out" for this totally undeserved peerage!!???? When she no doubt accepts it, I'd just comment, "Who is the arse now Ruth"??????? Like picking up 50 pieces of silver!!! Thumb down What a paradox and I'd have a small element of respect for her if she declined the offer on a matter of principle and pride but that won't happen. As for this whole Royal Honours "racket"?? Well you know where this corrupt British govt and associated honours providers can shove that eh!!!
(03-02-2020, 19:05)hibeejim21 Wrote:
(03-02-2020, 01:48)St Charles Owl Wrote: Westminster should fight tooth and nail to keep Scotland!! I would be very disappointed if they didn't do that!!!

Keeping Scotland in constitutional handcuffs, blaming the SG for the worsening economic conditions in Scotland that they didn't cause and can't fix..... that's how they are going to keep Scotland.

It's not flattering at all. It's bullying.

Five years and two months have passed since Nicola Sturgeon assumed the office of First Minister on 20 November 2014. Since that day, the people of Scotland have gone to the ballot box on SIX occasions, and on every one the SNP have won a clear victory – in four of those six elections, by a margin of more than 20 percentage points over their nearest opponent.

2015 UK election: 26-point margin
2016 Scottish election: 22-point margin
2017 Council election: 7-point margin
2017 UK election: 8-point margin
2019 European election: 23-point margin
2019 UK election: 20-point margin
(Holyrood has also voted for a new referendum twice)

Westminster should have no say in the actions of another govt, a Scottish one, deciding on the appropriate time to stage a referendum for Scot indy. Anyone with any kinda semblance for fair play and constitutional "sanity" in this regard should recognise that fact and cut out the bullying or at least be honest enough to say exactly the "real reasons" why Scotland will not be released from its subservience to such a crass English parliament rather than peddling all this SNP BAD crap with the usual infantile sound bites to suit a poor argument!!
Looks like the SNP have got the same rows as the Labour Party at the minute.

A drag queen called 'Flowjob' went into a school in Scotland to read to children and it turns out that this 'Flowjob' had explicit images on there social media profiles and now the parents have raised concerns and Renfrewshire Council have apologised but Mhairi Black and the SNP are saying it's homophobic.

More to Football than the Premier League and SKY
With only The Scotsman article to go on, this desperation to "normalise" LGBT behaviour is only a hairsbreadth away from the grooming of minors - a criminal offence. But then I'm just an old fogey.
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(25-02-2020, 00:30)ritchiebaby Wrote: With only The Scotsman article to go on, this desperation to "normalise" LGBT behaviour is only a hairsbreadth away from the grooming of minors - a criminal offence. But then I'm just an old fogey.

While I might not go that far, I can't help but wonder why this is even a topic in Primary School classrooms!!! I am all for teaching kids practical lifestyle subjects, but we have never taught hetrosexual attributes at such a young age. We should spend this time teaching young children morals, standards, politeness and basically good human manners before we get into this sort of detail.
I'd say that is exactly what is practised in 99% of Scottish schools SCO and I'd suggest that tolerance of other vulnerable groups of people is embedded within this practise. However, I think there is an issue that the SNP is needlessly getting embroiled in things like this one plus their move to legally recognise trans identity stuff that certain Labour Party leadership contenders have similarly asserted on their colleagues. When is a woman a woman? When does she lose her female identity? Up here in Scotland some polls have suggested that about 14% of the Scot population have any support or real interest in this crusade. So many critics assert that the SNP should beware of getting embroiled in such a similar issue that covers less than 1% of the population and could possibly damage their standing in the eyes of many supporters, particularly women who regard this as an identity threat! IMO it is a curious development and I'm not sure what to make of it all?? Is it a correct stance to take politically or should we let "sleeping dogs lie" esp as it looks like Johnson's govt will dismiss this representation although that won't happen until midsummer when a UK govt investigative committee will draw its own conclusions and I suspect the majority of the population will back a formal rejection.
Sturgeons bigger problem is that Cherry and Robertson are both after her job.
It's worth reminding all Scot readers on here that today marks the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath. This historical document is probably the most important in Scotland's history as it set out the will and wishes of the people above the King. Its manifesto also affirmed the nation's independence in a way that no battle could, and justified it with a truth that is beyond nation and race. The organised celebrations of this anniversary have sadly been scuppered by the coronavirus. However, true to typical Scottish innovation, the celebrations have been moved to the digital world where many different link ups through the likes of Facebook have been set up globally and led by the Scottish Independence Movement and other Scot indy groups. This document, the Declaration of Arbroath , is the first time that we see the dawning of realisation that all of us who belong to this ancient collectivity that constitutes our nation should have an equal say, an equal right and an equal voice. All those many years ago, our ancestors stood up and declared that it would be the people of Scotland, not a king or a monarch, who had the ultimate right to decide the path that their nation treads - one of the first declarations of true democracy and democratic values. Interestingly, in a research study of a 1000 Scots, carried out by the National Trust for Scotland and published today, it was found that just over 50% of Scots don't know about the Declaration of Arbroath, a 1320 letter from Scotland's leading political leaders to Pope John XXII arguing for the recognition of Scotland as an independent nation in the context of Scotland's ongoing struggles with the English state. The NTS intimated that many more Scots should be made aware of this document and indeed much more of the history of Scotland as well. The Trust also asked whether people would like to know more about Scotland's history and 77% responded positively with an affirmative to that question.
Lastly, one can only say that 700 years on from this notable event we are still fighting for self-determination to finally break away from a "broken" Union.
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