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Recommended Golf Courses
Have you played abroad. Do you want to recommend or warn folk about a location or course?

I have only played in Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Barbados and South Africa but will create a section for each of these countries.

I suggest for now create a thread here with the Country in the title I will shortly create a 'course I have played' section for folk to add to. If it takes off then I will create sub categories by country.
Hi Stairs!

I've played a fair amount of times in France, for I am French Smile By the way, I enjoy the thread to ask a queston to you guys that may have more knowledge than me on the matter. A friend of mine from York told me to purchase a golf insurance, which seems very common in the UK (not like in France actually).

He recommended me a quote comparator called Hello Safe (here the link if you want to have a look:, which seems quite fair, but still I have no clue about which provider to pick up. Do you guys have recommendations? Which level of cover should I have?

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

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