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Another investigation into Rangers business dealings???

A simple question to ask: "Is this just an innocent mistake or are they 'at it' again esp when one considers that RFC is still a Scot footie club with substantial debt attached to it"?
I would suspect that the huns will have been selling strips to retailers at a lower cost than they were being provided to Sports Direct.

No doubt in my mind there will have been some sort of agreement that Sports Direct should have got strips at the same prices as all other retailers. They have tried to pull a fast one and Ashley has decided to xxxx them up.... again.

The huns are a ticking time bomb. They are losing 2 million a month, a 30 mill funding shortage, openly admitting they will have to sell players, the lying king looking to sell up and likely provoke an investor war, court cases waiting to be settled.... I dont need to draw a diagram.

Clark and Whitehouse to get a public apology next week after settling the multi million pound compensation case against the Crown Office. Another xxxx up by the Scottish establishment.
Re that Clark and Whitehouse settlement, IMO Lord Mulholland should be forced to pay this compensation after this f### up of which he was the main perpetrator. So much for wise and expert legal guidance from an Attorney General at that time - a total f###### arsehole!!
24 million paid out to the rangers administrators from the taxpayers pot. You could not make this shit up.
Anyone who thinks the police and establishment in Scotland isn't teeming with huns and masons needs to take the xxxx blinkers off.
I've been scrutinising this example of "plundering of the tax payers' coffers" for quite a while and again I believe there is a bigger story than one of mere error - WHAT AN EXPENSIVE F###### MISTAKE !! The nature of the error is highly suspicious and worthy of an independent investigation of Mulholland and possibly others who were privy to this botched exercise.
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Naughty,Naughty sevco players. 5 players breached covid rules.

The suggestions of Lax covid standards at ibrox from Mcinnes,lennon and dyer are looking very like they were true. Incredibly none of the breaches they have had (and this is the 3rd) have had any impact on their first team squad players. And now they are finished talking about it Laugh Can you imagine if any other club behaved like this ?

I wonder if some of their players have been returning positive tests but have turned up as mysteriously 'injured' instead. ?
I was just listening to Brendan Rodgers comments on bbc MOTD2 re dealing internally with a COVID breach by three of his Leicester City players thereby enforcing the required proper values within the club and just having to put up with the fact they would not be playing in the match v West Ham Utd. The difference in values and attitude towards this kinda problem, compared with Steven Gerrard, is "night n day" TBH - insincerity, dishonesty and a lack of true values attached to the Rangers manager, no doubt!
Rodgers schooled that chump Gerrard on and off the park.
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